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Even if this is another site named after “Canada”, seemed to look different from its Canadian counterparts, for the reason that this site looks particularly authentic with its design and layout; and unlike the others that looked exact copies of the other. This site is indeed located in Canada, in British Columbia, and it has been an online pharmacy since 2004.

Canada Drugs Online is well-known for both the brand-name and generic medications in its product list. Actually, this site has a lot of medications to offer its clients, from Acne Medication to Wormers; the site almost has everything except for the Benzodiazepines, narcotics, and other controlled substances. Canada Drugs Online prescription medications require the proper Rx faxed before the orders are shipped. The only meds that do not require prescriptions here are those marked with OTC.

The medicines that are shipped to Canadian orders are all sourced natively from Canada, while for the international orders, has numerous dispensaries worldwide, which ship locally sourced meds to clients nearest to them. Canada Drugs Online warehouses are located in Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Turkey, Mauritius, and the United States.

I can’t discuss the pricing this site has for all of the company’s products, but I can give you an overview of their Men’s Health meds, the Erectile Dysfunction medicines in particular. Looking at Canada Drugs Online e-shop price list, I have discovered that this site is not an actual pharmacy, but intermediary connecting numerous pharmacies all over the world to clients seeking specific medicines.

For instance, when I tried looking at Viagra/Sildenafil, I was directed to the page with a number of products with the corresponding manufacturers and manufacturing company. Sites that have this kind of list are usually intermediary sites, and not real pharmacies. As for the prices, the lowest I’ve seen for Viagra (Pfizer) is $99 for 8 pieces of the drug; manufacturing company is Turkey. Cheapest Sildenafil is offered by Cipla India (Silagra/Suhagra) and costs only $35 for 30 pieces. For Cialis, the cheapest the suppliers of this site have is $170 for 8 pieces of the 20 mg (Lilly-Turkey); for the generics, the lowest is at $35 for 8 pieces of the 20 mg (Tadalis manufactured by Macleods India).

For the shipping, charges a flat rate of $10 for Canadian orders, and for international orders, Canada Drugs Online e-store charges a flat rate of $25. For Canada orders, the estimated arrival time for orders is 10-14 days and 18-18 days for international orders. As for payments, the site accepts Checks and International Money Orders.

Canada Drugs Online, however, did not have live customer support for its clients. But support may be contacted through e-mail and the numbers provided in Canada Drugs Online. Here are the company’s details for your reference: Contact Information Contact Information Reviews

There were conflicting client reviews for this site by the buyers found in and The earliest review was posted March 27, 2012, by Albert Schoeffer from Trustpilot. The client gave Canada Drugs Online 5-stars due to the good customer service he received from it. according to him, it was his first time ordering from, but even so, he was able to receive products that were exactly as advertised. The client said that he will order from Canada Drugs Online again. Customer Experience Customer Experience

But Alice Quevedo (August 15, 2012) begged to differ in her review of Canada Drugs Online e-vendor. According to the site review she posted in, she only ordered $60 worth of products but ended up being charged $180 by the site. She filed a criminal complaint against with the help of the State Attorney General. Consumer Reports Consumer Reports

BP also posted a negative complaint about the e-store last June 1, 2012, in According to him, he ordered Prevacid (brand-name) but was sent the generic one which did not work. He said that he will never order from Canada Drugs Online ever again. Reviews 2016

There were no recent client reviews for, so I resorted to checking Canada Drugs Online with Scam Adviser. The e-pharmacy’s website was given 51% rating and was “Threat Listed” according to the result. This rating may be the result of the numerous client complaints that Canada Drugs Online e-shop received from the previous years, giving it an Unapproved pharmacy status. was also linked to a number of malware reports. The owner of the site is also using a service to hide its identity and real location. is in Threat List is in Threat List Coupon Codes

This site is giving away $25 for all clients who will refer their friends to the site. In return, the referred client will also have $25 upon their initial purchase. Clients can earn $25 (in store credits) for every client they refer who will be able to successfully purchase from Canada Drugs Online. There is no limit to earning $25 per referral, although these credits may not be redeemed for cash nor be transferred to another. Referral Program Referral Program
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