Review – A Big Online Pharmacy with Low Reputation Main Page Main Page is an online pharmacy based in Canada. It sells a wide variety of non-prescription/over the counter drugs, natural medicines, and cosmetics. I am quite disturbed on the location posted from their website. The address in Canada was clear, but the EU address was written as “blah blah blah”. No information was given regarding the manufacturers of their products and the regulatory licenses they have acquired for their drugs. The pricing is very competitive. For example, Prostate Perform only costs $1.01 USD per tablet. Packaging size comes in 60 tablets per pack.

The health store only accepts payments through credit cards; Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. They do not accept personal checks or money orders.

Canada Drug Superstore uses only 1 shipping method (which was not specifically stated from the website) that uses a tracking system. They ship to almost all countries worldwide. Delivery will only commence once all orders have been validated. Processing of orders may take around 1-5 business days due to the high volumes of orders they receive every day. If the customer also has an option of a rush order with a flat rate of $49.50 USD. All packages exceeding 1kg would incur additional charges. Delivery time using this option would take 4-7 business days.

Canadadrugsuperstore does not give refunds unless there was a damage or problem encountered by the shipment. It is subject to approval and customers are advised to call their customer support for assistance.

The customer service could be reached through e-mail or toll-free phone. You may drop your shipping, tracking, and other queries at [email protected] No timetable was given on how fast the expected response would take. Reviews

No reviews have been found for Canada Drug Superstore. This is a bit surprising because based on their website, they receive lots of orders every day and could not immediately accommodate all transactions that they are getting per day. Hence, we could expect that there would be lots of customer reviews from the people who have tried their products and services. carries a lot of over the counter drugs, natural supplements, and cosmetics in their pharmacy. Before doing any purchase online, it is recommended to check for the accuracy and efficiency of their services. It is also quite skeptical since the EU address from their website was stated as “blah blah.” It is disturbing and a ground for not trusting the website. Reviews 2016

Canada Drug Superstore was classified as an unapproved pharmacy by LegitScript. It did not meet the requirements of a legitimate online pharmacy set by the organization. Likewise, there might be some laws regarding the dispensing and selling of drugs that have been violated by the drugstore. Is an Unapproved Internet Pharmacy Is an Unapproved Internet Pharmacy has also been threat listed at The owner of the website is from Canada but the website location is from the United States. A malware/virus has been detected and it was tagged as an unapproved pharmacy. Trust Rating Trust Rating

With the above-given reviews about, it is not recommended to browse nor do any transactions online using the website. Please be more vigilant and cautious when buying medicines, especially making sure that these drugs are FDA approved. It is risky and dangerous especially for the health of the consumers if the drugs being sold or of low quality and/or counterfeit. Coupon Codes

The drugstore has a wide range of drugs on their database and I assumed that they would offer lots of discounts, given that they also receive lots of orders every day.

Currently, CanadaDrugSuperstore is giving 10-20% off the regular price of the Accu-Check Aviva Blood Glucose Test Strips. I am not sure until when the discount would be given, but it is actually a very good deal. Discount Offer Discount Offer

Apart from that, there is also a “featured item” part on their website which according to them are being sold at special prices. I’ve checked the list but I did not see any drugs listed. Instead, you have to type the name of the drug and probably check if it is on a special deal or discount at the moment.

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