Review – Online Drug Store You Can’t Count On Main Page Main Page used to be an online pharmacy that is not online any more due to some unknown reason. The name Canadameds gives the impression that the e-shop was an online pharmacy based in Canada or one that sold drugs manufactured in Canada. On further inspection, I found out that CanadaMeds was based in the United States of America more than it was related to Canada.

I found it very difficult to gauge the performance of CanadaMeds online pharmacy because it is offline at the moment of writing this review. I have no idea as to whether it will be coming back online anytime soon. Only time will tell. Canadameds could only be reviewed by using a screenshot taken when it was still active. Not much could be made of the screenshots, but there are a few details that can be derived. Canada Meds was accredited by the North American Pharmacy Accreditation Commission and approved by It was recognized by CIPA as well according to the website.

Due to unavailability, I could not verify whether the drugs sold were approved by the American FDA. I could not establish the mode of payment that Canadameds accepted as well as the return policy. Details concerning the methods of shipping, the cost of shipping and time taken to deliver are all unavailable too. claimed to have health specialists on duty during working days and on weekends from 9 to 5 pm. I would have liked to know how responsive the specialists were as well as the agents. Reviews

When I go out to make purchases online from a business, I have to know how other customers that were after similar products or services were treated by the business and how they rated the products. If it comes up negative, I move on to another business. Positive reviews, on the other hand, have to be treated cautiously as I will elaborate. Feedback Feedback

On one of the review sites on the internet, a customer of going by the name Deanna in 2011 had a few kind words to say accompanying the five stars he/she gave CanadaMeds. According to Deanna who had been purchasing prescription medicine from, “the customer service is second to none” because they are friendly and patient. Deanna went on to add that the medication had never caused any problems and the shipping process was swift.

I am wary of such positive reviews because they are sometimes doctored by the business to hoodwink customers and trick them into buying the meds. Reviews 2016

Not entirely buying into the positive reviews of one customer, I had to surf the internet and find out what scam analyzing websites had to say about There are two such sites that are usually reliable with the scanning process. They are and Safety Level Safety Level

On, I fed the name of into it and it came up with some interesting findings. It found out that CanadaMeds doesn’t have too many visitors. In addition to that it gave Canadameds vendor a 5% rating. Based on this low rating, it went on to declare that browsing and buying from are best to avoid. This added to my suspicion of the website which, unsurprisingly, is not available on the internet. Trust Rating Trust Rating

To add to those findings, I went to and scanned the website. I came up with the information that the site has been threat listed. It is not so wise to visit a threat listed site. Another thing that did not get me by surprise was the fact that its location could not be traced but it was established that it was more likely to be based in the US when it was available. Coupon Codes

Due to the aggressive competition out there, on the online pharmacy business, Canadameds were prudent enough to offer some discounts and juicy bargains to save their customers some money. This was geared towards keeping the customers close. Discount Offer Discount Offer

A special offer that offered was the 25% waiver on the first order for all new customers valid for up to $50 Canadian. They offered this in order to bring in some new customers by saving them some cash. For all prescription orders, they offered free shipping services. This was meant to encourage people to buy prescription medication from them as well.

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