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I have chosen a few online pharmacies that I consider trustworthy, today I’m going to make a review on is claimed to be one of the best online drug stores in the world. This online pharmacy is based in Canada. According to them, their goal is to provide drugs at discount rates to everyone who is affected by high local price.

At the bottom of the page, I see approval stamps from different quality control agencies such as CPA, CIPA Rx, and MIPA. As I browsed through the website, I realized they have a wide variety of drugs available including medications for allergies, antifungal, antiviral, antibiotics et cetera. Most importantly, they sell different kinds of Men’s health products at a reasonable price. The usual Viagra costs only about $0.36 USD per pill while the extra dosage version costs $2.34 USD per pill. Besides that, I also see other generic equivalents like Levitra. It costs only $1.20 USD for a pill, one of the cheapest type I’ve seen so far on the internet.

To make sure they ship to where I live, I went on to check on their shipping policy. I found that there are 2 shipping options available. The first one is AirMail. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for your order to be delivered. The fee is about $10 USD. While the second option is through EMS Courier Delivery’s with the waiting period is 3-8 business days. The fee of which is $20 USD.

As far as the return policy is a concern, they do not make money refunds under any circumstances. In the case of which if a product is defective or damaged, they would resend the order free of charge. I do not have to worry about not being able to make payments because, in the FAQ section, they stated that they accept payments via Visa, AmEx, eCheck.

At the right-hand side corner, I see the contact numbers of the drug store for America and European countries. I tried dialing the American number and fortunately somebody picked up and attended to my inquiries. Although there is no LiveChat customer service, I think that is negligible to me. Reviews:

Although everything listed on the webpage seems fine, I still am not entirely convinced that my orders will be shipped safety and if the products are really as good as advertised. So I proceeded to the customer review section to see what the rest of the customers have to say about this online pharmacy,

One of the customers named Jeremiah complimented the pharmacy for an extra gift they received. They hope to deal with the pharmacy again in the future. He said: “Delivery was successful. Thank you about the gifting extrapack you promised. It’s a pleasure to work with you, and I’ll get business with you next times”.

Then there is another customer whose name is Julian. He also expressed his satisfaction with the service of this pharmacy and vowed to make a purchase from them again. He stated: “This make up is totally awesome! It is all I have ever purchased. And I will continue to purchase!”. Similarly, Robert from the UK showed his satisfaction for the product and service they received. According to him, he said: “they have saved my relationship, after serious post traumatic disorder after long period serving in the wars in Bosnia, Afganistan and Iraq.”

So generally, I think does have supports from customers from all over the world as can be seen in the testimonies above. I only doubt the authenticity of these reviews as all of them are coming from the seller’s website. Reviews
CanadaPharmacy24h Reviews

Canada Pharmacy 24h Reviews 2016:

Any company needs to be consistent in the service to attain long-term support from their customers. I wanted to find out how the company did in this year, so I checked on some of the latest reviews by the customers. Overall I can say that is really consistent in their job efficiency and excellent customer service. Because even the latest reviews reflect consistency in customer services.

For example, Samuel from Spain complimented for the effectiveness of the drug he bought. He said: “I have received the pills you sent me and have tried them. They seem to work very well, so if you would like to send the balance of the order in Cialis I would appreciate it”.

While Jackson from Italy said that he thought the company was going to scam him, but only to find out his mailbox overflow with the orders. He continued saying: “With this double supply, you are now going to send me a couple of women, so the meds don’t go to waste.”

Also, John from Sweden claimed that he was hesitant to place his orders at the beginning, but as soon as he received the orders, he could tell he had a good experience. He said: “ I was not scammed and their medications are effective, no prescription required.”

So overall, I really think that this company is reliable and worth a try to place my orders. The chances of things going wrong are really slim, based on so many positive feedbacks that I see from this customer review section.

Canada Pharmacy 24h Reviews 2016
Canada Pharmacy 24h Reviews 2016

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To my surprise, I found that the actually offers a limited time special promotion for Viagra and Cialis! I just couldn’t get happier seeing this particular deal after all the positive feedbacks from the customers. Well, the deal here is that for the purchase of 10 Viagra pills and 10 Cialis pills, it costs only USD59.90!! Not only that, but they also have other offers like free Viagra pills for every order and free shipping on orders above USD $200.00! Gosh, I only wish I found this online drug store much earlier!

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