Review – A Trusted and Innovator Online Pharmacy in Canada Main Page Main Page was established by Kris Thorkelson in 2001 to serve the community by providing discounted prescription orders and over the counter drugs through Canadian pharmacies and their international partners. Currently, the domain is redirecting to every visitors to which is a partner site of it.

Canada Pharmacy Trust sells both generic and branded prescription medicines from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom at affordable prices. They pride themselves on being the first to adopt the international pharmacy industry’s 10-star commitment to quality and safety. is considered to be one of the innovators in Canada’s online pharmacy industry. They have participated in various organizations including the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIA), Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA) and

The pharmacy offers almost all classifications of both prescription and over the counter drugs. Their prices are a bit high compared to other online pharmacies in the market. One tablet of Viagra 50mg (brand) costs $13.96 USD. The pharmacy requires each customer to present their valid prescriptions before processing the orders.

Currently, Canada Pharmacy Trust accepts various payment methods. This includes direct withdrawal from a checking account, personal check/money order, American Express, Visa/MasterCard, Check Finance Plan, and Wire Transfer. The drugstore offers free shipping on all orders to the United States, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, and Canada. However, due to past difficulties encountered by the pharmacy to international addresses, they are now charging $24 USD shipping fee for international packages. The timeline for delivery was not specified. is accepting product returns within 90 days, considering that the damage or error made was from the Canada Drug. Their customer support is accessible 24/7 through toll-free hotlines, fax, and e-mail. Reviews

A customer named Garlec rated CanadaPharmacyTrust 5 out 5 stars. He said that he has “no hesitation to recommend” Canada Drugs because of its efficiency of service. He ordered Levitra which was manufactured in Berlin. The drug worked well for him the same way that US brands did.

On the other hand, a customer under the username mul211 gave Canada Drugs a poor rating, 1 out 5 stars. He experienced difficulties in delivery and told that every time he orders from the pharmacy, “there is a problem shipping the item”. He said that the customer support people of the pharmacy and incompetent because all the issued he had were not resolved. Testimonials Testimonials

Customer reviews about Canada Pharmacy Trust have split into two; 1 excellent rating and another poor rating.

Although the bad review seems to be a bit minimal, it is important that we, as consumers, should also take into consideration the efficiency of service that an online pharmacy provides before transacting with them. We don’t want to mess our money with a delayed delivery or a bad customer support when we encountered any problems in the future. Reviews 2016

Debbie Hughes seems to be really annoyed about her experience with Canadapharmacytrust. She said that the people from this pharmacy are either incompetent or crooks.” The drugstore asked for her bank account number because they did not accept credit or debit. Debbie didn’t want to give anyone access to her bank account so she issued a check. Two months passed and she still didn’t receive her package. Canada pharmacy trust offered her a refund. Reviews in 2016 Reviews in 2016 Feedback in 2016 Feedback in 2016 Testimonials in 2016 Testimonials in 2016


LightTaupePony also gave Canadapharmacytrust a poor rating. He said that it is a “rip-off”. It took him 3 failed orders to arrive only to be informed to contact his local bank and decline the transaction. No refund was given.

On the other hand, a customer gave 4 out 5 stars rating for the pharmacy. He was very hesitant to place an order because of the bad reviews online, but after talking to a sales representative, he placed an order. He wanted it to be shipped in a week because of his travel plans. It was a smooth transaction and the support group handled the situation well. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scamadviser listed the website of the pharmacy of having a small chance of risk. Coupon Codes

Canada Drugs or Canadapharmacytrust doesn’t offer much on discounts and special promotions for its consumers. However, they are giving away a special deal through its referral program. You will earn 5% discount from your friend’s purchases and 2.5% of their friend’s purchases. This is a good especially to make the pharmacy known to a wide network. Refferral Program Refferral Program

The free shipping that they also offered is a good deal for customers. It will save a lot of money especially if you are only ordering a minimal amount. However, they are now charging a shipping fee for international orders due to past difficulties from international addresses.

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