Review – Doubtful Pharmacy with No Customer Reviews Home Page Home Page is the next pharmacy on the list that I am going to review. As the name of pharmacy indicates, it is basically an online provider of the medications in Canada to its customers located all across the Canada. Besides its customers, this company is also dispensing medications from International Fulfillment centers that are approved by the regulatory bodies from their respective countries. The company was launched in 2004.

The website doesn’t not provide lists of the areas in which it is offering medications, either you have to navigate through the tab of “Continue Shopping” to search the medicine that you want or you have to type the name of drug in the search bar to get your desired meds. I chose the easy way and searched Viagra tablets in the search bar. Upon my search, the website showed a list of Viagra brands along with their strengths and prices. A pack of 8 (100mg) Viagra was available to be brought at the price of $77.10, while a pack of 20 mg Cialis was available costing $59.20. Well, these prices are quite expensive as I have gone through much websites that are offering these meds at way affordable rates.

The pharmacy is trusted by CIPA, Certified Canadian International Pharmacy and also by Pharmacy Checker. The ordering process from this company is quite easy. All you need to add your desired [products in your cart and checkout by paying the amount. The paying methods for this pharmacy include personal checks, money orders, E-checks, and bank certified checks. The orders are sent to its destination in discreet packaging but no information is being provided about its delivering methods. However, it is mentioned in its “shipping and handling” tab that orders under $300 cost $9.95 for the delivery within North America. Whereas all the orders above $300 will receive free of cost shipping.

There is no info related to the refund policy of the company, but you can still get that by contacting the Customer Service Line at their toll-free number 1-866-779-7587. Moreover, you can also reach the company by emailing at [email protected]

Canada Prescriptions Plus Reviews:

Well, to find more about the company, I made an online search to get to know about the so claimed “exceptional services” of But unfortunately, this company has not received even a single customer review since the time of its evolution. The lack of reviews either on the independent reviewing sites or on the official website of the company indicates that this company is not a popular option among the public ordering medications from online pharmacies.

There could be number of reasons for the unpopularity of this company among customers. No matter, whatever the reason is, this company has not able to provide a proof of its reliability. They haven’t been able to attract either local or international customers. So, it is recommended to avoid such company that is lacking the genuine customer reviews because of the fact that no one wants to risk his hard earned money over an un-reputed or unreliable pharmacy.

CanadaPrescriptionsPlus Reviews 2016:

Since, it is a matter of fact that the company that has been in operation since 2004, should have some reputation on the internet that can help the customers to choose the company wisely. But unfortunately, the story remained same for even in 2016. There are no customer’s feedback and any kind of reviews available online for, showing still the same unattractive picture of the company. This could be surprise for the customers who are not aware of the fact that is 11 years old pharmacy that does not even have one person to speak in its favor.

A more detailed research reveals that the company has a very low traffic and some alerts are also present indicating that this website is scam. According to Scamadvisor, this site could be unsafe. Moreover, the company has only got a trust rating of “46” percent.

Safety Report of CanadaPrescriptionsplus by Scamadviser
Safety Report of CanadaPrescriptionsplus by Scamadviser

With the lack of customer reviews and low web traffic, it is quite difficult to judge the credibility of So, it is highly recommended to avoid this company for your own sake. Coupon Codes:

As mentioned in the above section, the company claimed to offer the high quality meds at best prices along with some discounts. But it seemed that this claim of the company is not that true because neither there is any evidence about the quality of the meds offered through this pharmacy nor it is offering affordable rates at their meds.

Besides all this, there are no coupon codes or discounts over their products, meaning that customers have to buy medications at much more rates as compared to other pharmacies.

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