Canadian Drugstore – Not Recommended by the NABP

“Canadian Drugstore” is yet another network pharmacy name taken on by several online pharmacies. There are actually a lot of Canadian Drugstore-named online stores on the web, and some of them look completely unrelated to one another, while some look similar. As I searched for pharmacies with the Canadian Drugstore name, I was able to search several pharmacies, plus mostly irrelevant results due to the vagueness of the keywords “Canadian Drugstore” when combined.

I was able to find a few functional “Canadian Drugstore” websites and two of them looked exactly the same, while the last one was not similar to the other two. Some pharmacy network websites have identical looks, but at times, they also have dissimilar-looking websites.

The main purpose of pharmacy network websites is to increase sales for their main pharmacy—which I actually find odd because I think consistency in service has more weight in clients than the quantity of websites. We can’t tell why the owners use a lot of websites to catch traffic instead of marketing the main site—it is probably because the network owners also sell affiliate sites to their consumers.

Canadian Drugstore Reviews

Despite the number of Canadian Drugstores available on the web, I found no mentions for the web pharmacy network on various review sites and also no discussions for the store from forum websites.

Canadian Drugstore in NABP’s Roster of “Not Approved” Websites
Canadian Drugstore in NABP’s Roster of “Not Approved” Websites

Because of this, I went to NABP’s site (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) to check if the pharmacies involved in the Canadian Drugstore network are recommended websites. To my dismay, though, the Canadian Drugstore websites are included in NABP’s roster of “not approved” websites. These “not approved” websites are online pharmacies found noncompliant with the international pharmacy legislations—in short, these websites are operating illegally.

Canadian Drugstore Doesn't Appear in the CIPA Member Database
Canadian Drugstore Doesn’t Appear in the CIPA Member Database

Since Canadian Drugstore sites have the “Canada” keyword in them, I tried CIPA for its records of the alleged Canadian pharmacies. Unfortunately, CIPA Rx, one of Canada’s renowned drug associations, found one of the Canadian Drugstore websites an invalid website.

Canadian Drugstore’s Websites is a Rogue Websites
Canadian Drugstore’s Websites is a Rogue Websites

Also, Legit Script, one of the web’s top domain-assessing websites, noted that one of Canadian Drugstore’s websites (, was a “rogue” website. According to the definition of Legit Script, rogue websites are illicitly operating websites which are known to deal fraudulently with their clients.

Legit Script also noted that Canadian Drugstore ( did not have its own reviews from its former consumers, which is disconcerting.

Canadian Drugstore Online

Network Pharmacies usually use the same templates, but some online pharmacies belonging to certain networks have different templates for the sites. In the case of Canadian Drugstore network, the presently accessible websites do not all look the same. (Canadian Drugstore) Home Page (Canadian Drugstore) Home Page

The first website, is inaccessible via the regular browser, although it is still reachable by using proxy servers. As you can see, this website takes on the name of Canadian Drugstore, which is nothing similar to its domain name. offered medications classified in various medical categories, which is typical amongst online pharmacies, regardless of pharmacy network. (Canadian Drugstore) Home Page (Canadian Drugstore) Home Page

If you take a look at the website screenshot above, you can see that the store actually looks the same as the virtual drugstore Both stores are named Canadian Drugstore and they also are identical, not only in their template but also in their contents. There was virtually no difference between these two websites, which is actually not so surprising, considering these websites belong to the same pharmacy network. (Canadian Drugstore) Home Page (Canadian Drugstore) Home Page

Meanwhile, the other Canadian Drugstore website,, does not look like its other two pharmacy network co-members. This store took on a different appearance, although it is still notable that also classified the medications according to their medical categories and also sold mostly erectile dysfunction medications.

It can still be said that all three belong to one pharmacy network although one appeared odd, as some online pharmacy networks involve different-looking websites for some reason. The content, though, is usually similar, with only teeny tweaks in some parts.

Canadian Drugstore Coupon Codes

If you’re looking for coupon codes, you’ll be disappointed that Canadian Drugstore websites do not offer voucher codes for their consumers. However, I found some deals existing consumer deals accessible for the interested buyers:

Canadian Drugstore Discount Offers
Canadian Drugstore Discount Offers

Canadian Drugstore websites showcase free deliveries for their consumers on their every order, although the shipping is fulfilled via regular deliveries alone.

Besides the free shipping, Canadian Drugstore sites also offered bonus erectile dysfunction pills on every consumer purchase done on the website. According to two of the Canadian Drugstore pharmacies, they are currently offering prices 10% lower than the other virtual drugstores.

Canadian Drugstore Numbers

The two identical Canadian Drugstore websites have the same phone numbers:




On the other hand, the other Canadian Drugstore site,, had different phone numbers posted on its website:



Canadian Drugstore Spam

Reports of spam, fortunately, were not found for Canadian Drugstore websites. However, Scam Adviser results for each of the sites were not too good:

Canadian Drugstore Analysis Details
Canadian Drugstore Analysis Details

According to Scam Adviser, the Canadian Drugstore site, is a “rogue” pharmacy and also had malware reports linked to it.

Canadian Drugstore Website Listed as a Rogue
Canadian Drugstore Website Listed as a Rogue

The other site,, was also listed as a “rogue” pharmacy with malware reports as well. However, the website was identified as an offline store, despite its current functional status.

Canadian Drugstore Threats
Canadian Drugstore Threats

More concerns were identified for the other Canadian Drugstore site,—besides being denoted as a “rogue” store, it was also linked to suspicious websites, high-risk countries, it was also identified to have free technical addresses, and was also determined as a year old.

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