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Home Page of Canadian Family Pharmacy
Home Page of Canadian Family Pharmacy

It can be deduced from domain name that it is yet another virtual pharmacy from Canada. What is it with Canada and online pharmacies? It seems to me that online pharmacies having “Canada” in their domains are increasing. Companies seem to like having domains with anything Canada written in it. Anyway, started 2003. Copyright is 2003-2012; it may be that the site hasn’t been quite maintained.

I find it amusing that a site named a “family pharmacy” has ED meds as its bestsellers. It’s just my opinion, though; but I really find that odd. For a “family” pharmacy, I am expecting to see infant formulas, first-aid kits, or over-the-counter cough/cold/fever medicine as the best-selling items. Well, that’s just a thought.

The layout, products, and content of this site is akin to most internet pharmacies I have visited. carries the air of similarity with most of the previous sites. Another characteristic that they all intersect in is the Indian nature of the generics they vend. This site also sells Indian-made, Indian FDA-approved generics. Not that it’s illegal or something (and I don’t have anything against India-made drugs) but it is starting to be a pattern with almost all of the sites to sell this type of generics.

As for a site selling generic ED meds, I expected lower prices for the usual ED drugs. But I was wrong; this site offers ED medication for a higher price than its counterparts.

I also noticed that instead of referring to the products as “generic [insert active ingredient]”, the site just labels the products with the famous brand names in the market. For example, instead of saying “generic Sildenafil”, the pharmacy refers to the product as “Viagra”; which is quite misleading.

The site’s Sildenafil starts at $1.85 each for 40 pieces of the 25 mg variant. The 200 mg type costs $7.50 each for 20 pills. The cheapest price this site offers is $0.99 each for 360 pieces of the 50 mg variant. Tadalafil price starts at $1.59-$5.45 each for the minimum purchase.

Orders may be paid through Credit Cards and E-checks only. As for the shipping methods, they offer regular shipping via Airmail (costs $15; 10-21 days transit) and also via Express Mail Courier (costs $25; 8-14 days transit). There is also an additional $4.95 fee charged to the client for delivery insurance to guarantee reshipment in case of delivery failure.

Refund or reshipment is available for non-delivered orders; but there is no guarantee for such. Clients will still have to check with the customer service if they are eligible for refund or reshipment.

There is no live support offered by the site. There are also no numbers and email address posted in the site. Customer support may only be contacted by leaving a message in the message box allotted by the site in one of its sections. The pharmacy’s address is posted though; it is at 120 Adelaide St., W #2500, Toronto, ON, M5H 1T1, Canada. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

Positive testimonials about’s products and service are found within the site. Reviews from George Winterbourne (65, from New Zealand) and Bob (from Hunlock creek) commended how the site was able to deliver their orders at a speedy pace.

The user Adam Sandler (from Texas), on the other hand mentioned that the site’s products work.

However, my concern about these reviews (aside from them being just in-site) is that they were already seen in other sites as they were. These were not even paraphrased. The fact that these reviews are only in-site reviews already made me doubt the authenticity of the site’s claims; much more so now knowing that these testimonials are fake and plagiarized from other sites.

This is totally disappointing; but then again, I’m not surprised. There are really sites like this one which has the nerve to make fake reviews just to sell their stuff.

Canadian-FamilyPharmacy Reviews 2016:

Canadian-FamilyPharmacy Reviews 2016
Canadian-FamilyPharmacy Reviews 2016

I distinctly remember seeing these rehashed reviews not only from one site–this site may have been the fourth to use these product reviews. I just don’t get the need for these recycled reviews. Do these sites actually think they will not get caught?

Well aside from these plagiarized reviews, there are no other reviews found for This is highly unusual for a site which started 2003–13 years and not a single third-party review? That is simply unbelievable.

The site has been “threat listed” according to Scam Adviser’s analysis. It is also rated “49% safe”. The location detected is also different–US or China instead of Canada.

Safety Report of Canadian-FamilyPharmacy by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Canadian-FamilyPharmacy by Scamadviser

Canadian Family Pharmacy Coupon Codes:

Best Deals for Canadian Family Pharmacy on the Internet
Best Deals for Canadian Family Pharmacy on the Internet

Instead of discounts or coupons, the site gives away freebies for all orders. The clients may choose between free generic Viagra or generic Tadalafil as the 4 freebie pills.

Shipping fees are also free for a minimum of $150 order (via Airmail). For orders $300 and above, shipping is free via Express Courier. The delivery insurance fee is waived for orders $200 and up.

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