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Canadian King Pharmacy is a network pharmacy with a peculiar name. As I browsed the web for pharmacies affiliated with this network, I only found one site affiliate, the store, another Canada-based mail-order prescription service.

Although pharmacy networks are usually composed of several online pharmacies operating under one name, the Canadian King Pharmacy had only—or it’s just that I was unable to locate other websites bearing the Canadian King Pharmacy name due to the vagueness of the keywords when used in search engines.

Online pharmacy companies create various web pharmacies having the same contents to catch traffic. These web pharmacies affiliated with one pharmacy network are not designed to process orders—they are only intended to catch traffic and direct all transactions to one main center. Because network pharmacies are replicas of one main web pharmacy, there is a considerable risk that consumers may run into web pharmacies operated by scammers, so buyers should be cautious when dealing with online pharmacies affiliated with pharmacy networks.

Canadian King Pharmacy Reviews

The website claimed that it is a member of CIPA, one of the prestigious online pharmacy associations for web pharmacies based in Canada. Because the store claimed that it is a member of CIPA, I verified if the Canadian King Pharmacy store was indeed included in CIPA’s database of site affiliates.

Canadian King Pharmacy is an Active CIPA Member
Canadian King Pharmacy is an Active CIPA Member is included in CIPA’s database of accredited websites. There are only 64 online pharmacies which are truly accredited by CIPA Rx, so it is a huge deal for any website to be classified as one of the few CIPA-certified pharmacies on the web. Since is a member of CIPA, it complies the regulations set by CIPA concerning validly operating websites.

Canadian King Pharmacy Feedback
Canadian King Pharmacy Feedback

I was also able to find consumer reviews for Canadian King Pharmacy, from one review platform, Pharmacy Checker. Canadian King Pharmacy had mixed reviews for its service, although overall, Canadian King Pharmacy fared well based on the consumer comments available.

The good reviews for Canadian King Pharmacy were from consumers who were satisfied with the shop’s service and products, while the bad (1/5 stars) review was from a client who was merely frustrated that the store ( did not offer any credit card payment option.

Canadian King Pharmacy Online

There was only one Canadian King Pharmacy store present on the web during my search and it was the store Other pharmacy networks, though, have several domains lined up instead of only one. (Canadian King Pharmacy) Home Page (Canadian King Pharmacy) Home Page

According to the details available on the Canadian Pharmacy King website, it is a store which started its operations in 2003 and operates in Canada. Despite the store being based in Canada, though, its delivery scope encompasses almost all countries of the world.

The store is offering brand and generic prescriptions and always requires the Rx of the medications, especially for the Rx only medications. showcases accreditations from CIPA Rx, Pharmacy Checker, IPABC, GeoTrust, and SecurityMetrics. To date, the store has dispensed over 150,000 orders from 80,000 consumers around the globe. The store credits these stats to its low prices which are allegedly 85% lower than the local pharmacy prices, and its user-friendly service from its website.

Canadian King Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, the Canadian King Pharmacy site has no available deals for its consumers—I checked the store but discounts, freebies, and free shipping were not offered on the store.

Canadian King Pharmacy Discount Offer
Canadian King Pharmacy Discount Offer

However, there was something on the shop stating that the store has a “best price guarantee” and also a “shipping guarantee” which were supposed to be discussed in the FAQ section. But, when I checked the FAQs, there were no discussions for both guarantees.

Most online pharmacies are capable of offering discount deals for consumers. The most common offers from other online pharmacies are free pills, provisional free shipping, return buyer incentives, referral discounts, and several others. However, not all online shops are capable of offering one or more of those, like this website,, which did not have any consumer deals available.

Canadian King Pharmacy Numbers, the website of the Canadian King Pharmacy network, was included in CIPA Rx’s list of verified websites because the store was able to offer its contact numbers freely to its consumers, aside from asking them for legal prescriptions each time they order Rx products. The contact details below are those copied from the Canadian King Pharmacy:


[email protected]






Unit #202A

8322 130th Street Surrey,

BC Canada V3W 8J9 is one of the few websites which are able to disclose their location and their phone number to their consumers. Most online sites are uninterested in giving the clients a hint where they operate from and usually remain anonymous when it comes to their business details. You can reach the Canadian King Pharmacy store using its contact details above.

Canadian King Pharmacy Spam

No spam and scam complaints about Canadian King Pharmacy exist on the web, so I tried using one domain assessing website, Scam Adviser, to check if there is something we can be concerned about when it comes to Canadian King Pharmacy.

Canadian King Pharmacy Website Summary
Canadian King Pharmacy Website Summary

According to the assessment, the store existed only 4 years ago, but it was formerly known as “”. Based on the results from Scam Adviser, the Canadian King Pharmacy site was identified as an “unapproved” pharmacy and the online store, though, located in the United States, has its real location hidden by its owner.

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