Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy – Non-Existent Websites

Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy is another online pharmacy network which involves several online pharmacies with possibly the same store name but with different domain names. Website members of a pharmacy network are easily marked as stores having the same façade and differ only in their domain names or web addresses.

Why are companies creating web pharmacy networks? Brands and companies selling pharmaceutical products finding it convenient creating multiple versions of their main websites instead of heavily marketing and optimizing their current marketing campaigns for their main companies. Pharmacy networks are often composed of two or more sites with virtually the same content and with the primary goal of gathering traffic. You can think of the pharmacy network websites as “nets” for catching more traffic and directing them to one processing center.

Although stores connected with a certain pharmacy network are many, there is only one dispensing center for the products. Consumers may be confused seeing the numerous web pharmacies looking identically—plus, pharmacy networks do not disclose that they have other websites linked to them. This makes the pharmacy network affiliates dangerous to transact with—they are vulnerable to getting replicated by scammers online.

Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy Reviews

As for the Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy, the network and its affiliates are not visible on the web. There were no available consumer reviews for websites with the “Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy” name—although there were references to “Canadian Pharmacy” websites, the keyword Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy was rarely mentioned on the web.

There may actually be existing websites with the name “Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy” although they are not presently visible on the internet. There are a lot of reasons why this online pharmacy network failed to have reviews—here are some of my speculations for the network’s no-review status:

  • Popularity issues – Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy websites may be unpopular, hence the lack of reviews from consumers on various reliable third-party platforms.
  • Vague keywords for the store name – the “Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy” search may have failed to yield optimized results due to the vagueness of the keywords for the store. Although maybe there were reviews for at least one Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy store on the web, we can’t access the review due to the un-optimized content which failed to rank properly in search engines.
  • Non-existent websites – Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy stores may now be closed or out of business, or they may have not existed in the first place.

It is actually frustrating not being able to locate reviews for the Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy—due to the lack of data for any Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy website, I was unable to analyse any website using the common domain assessment platforms such as,, and I was also unable to search for any Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy on the databases of CIPA Rx, Pharmacy Checker, and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy Online

I tried locating websites carrying the name of the Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy network, but I failed to locate even one store with the name Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy. Websites, though, declare that they are “Canadian mail-order pharmacy” sites, just like this online store named Maple Leaf Meds (

Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy Home Page
Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy Home Page

As you can see, the store did was not named as “Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy”, although the store declared that it functions as a Canadian mail-order pharmacy. This shop sells generic and brand-name products and offers them at lower prices than the local drugstores, especially those located in the United States.

It is quite difficult getting ahold of websites with the name of Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy but some did declare that they are Canadian mail-order pharmacy shops. However, functioning as a “Canadian” mail-order pharmacy is not the same thing as being a store named as “Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy”.

Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Since there were no websites with the name Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy, I was also unable to identify existing (or past) deals for consumers making their purchases on Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy websites. There are commonly offered discounts which consumers may be able to expect in almost every online pharmacy on the web:

  • Free shipping – some websites offer free shipping with no strings attached, although these stores include the shipping fees on their products. Stores, though, offer free shipping when buyers reach a certain amount of purchase.
  • Freebies – web pharmacies are also known for their generosity when it comes to sample pills—some stores give away sample pills on all orders, while some reserve the freebie pills for consumers with larger purchases.
  • Voucher codes – some stores offer discount codes especially on holidays, shop anniversary, and other special occasions.
  • Discounts – buyers with large orders are given discounts, while some are given special discounts for being “return” clients. Other online stores grant consumers referral discounts for successfully inviting their friends to order from their shop.

Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy Numbers

Since I was unable to find any Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy named store, I was also unable to determine phone numbers for the pharmacy network. No clues were left on the web for existing (or past, even) websites related to this Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy network so I failed to locate details specific to the stores of the network.

Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy Spam

There were a lot of “spam” and “scam” complaints intended for “Canadian Pharmacy” websites on the web, but there were no grievances directed at specific Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy network websites.

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