Canadian Meds – Online Pharmacy Chain with Vanishing Affiliates

Canadian Meds is one of the web’s pharmacy networks, or companies employing several websites under their command. These websites typically look the same and have basically the same content and differ mainly on their domains or their web addresses.

Consumers may find it odd when dealing with pharmacy networks—I personally find it puzzling why companies need to create a lot of mirror or clone sites for their brands instead of properly marketing one website. Although the goal of the pharmacy networks is to allow the sites to be “traffic catchers”, the multiple websites are often disconcerting for the buyers—imagine their concern when encountering sites looking the same but with different domain names.

The Canadian Meds network also involves identical sites with different domains. It is represented by the two sites I was able to find— and However, only one of these shops is still functional.

Canadian Meds Reviews

I tried searching the web for reviews relevant to the Canadian Meds network, but I was unsuccessful in locating consumer comments for the pharmacy network. The network name probably hindered me from identifying more optimized results—most of the results were irrelevant and did not contain reviews for Canadian Meds.

Canadian Meds Domains in the List of Not Recommended Websites
Canadian Meds Domains in the List of Not Recommended Websites

Because of the network’s lack of reviews, I tried other strategies, such as determining if the sites involved in the Canadian Meds pharmacy network are trustworthy. Using the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy database for illicitly operating websites, I found out that the two domains for Canadian Meds, and are included in the list of “not recommended” websites which are noncompliant with the federal legislations for proper pharmacy operations.

Canadian Meds Doesn't Appear in the CIPA Member Database
Canadian Meds Doesn’t Appear in the CIPA Member Database

Since Canadian Meds is “Canadian”, I also checked if the websites were members of the prestigious association of Canada pharmacies. Unfortunately for the websites, they were not found on CIPA Rx’s database.

Canadian Meds Online

I only found two Canadian Meds websites and only one was functional. The store still catered to clients and offered mostly generic items for various medical needs. Here is the home page of the website: Canadian Meds Homepage Canadian Meds Homepage, one of the websites bearing the name of the Canadian Meds pharmacy network offered the typical products found in common online pharmacies. You can find meds for anxiety, depression, obesity, weight loss, and chronic medical conditions on this website, and even without sending the prescriptions for the products.

There was no data concerning the location and the history of this online store and Canadian Meds offered little information regarding its operations and where it sources its products.

One of Canadian Meds Domains is Up For Sale
One of Canadian Meds Domains is Up For Sale

The other website named Canadian Meds,, on the one hand, is now closed. Its domain is now up for sale by its hosting provider. There is no news of this shop’s disappearance—the former domain did not even state if the shop moved to another location, merged with another site, or closed down due to the owner’s personal reasons.

This Canadian Meds site is now reduced to nothing—the former store is now an ad site with keywords “Order Cialis Online”, “Job Posting”, “Grocery Store Chain”, and several others.

Canadian Meds Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are not available on the functional Canadian Meds site, However, the shop offered other deals, such as this banner available on the store:

Canadian Meds Extra Pills Offer
Canadian Meds Extra Pills Offer

According to this promotion, the shop, Canadian Meds is offering its return clients with 30% more pills on their second and further orders. There seems to be no limit on the reorder bonus for clients of, as the shop did not cite how many times the buyers can avail of this extra pills offer from the store.

Besides this offer, though, there were no other consumer deals available on the web pharmacy, such as conditional free shipping or freebie pills. Discounts for larger purchases are also unavailable.

Canadian Meds Numbers

The existing store,, only had one phone number available for its consumers to use. The number below is the only contact detail accessible to consumers of the shop. However, the store also offered a live chat support option and a messaging integration function in case the chat support reps are offline.


Since the other website is offline, I was unable to check if offered the same phone number for the consumers.

Canadian Meds Spam

Even if there were no reviews for Canadian Meds, the pharmacy network also did not receive spam reports from its former consumers. There were no complaints of scam activities for the pharmacy network too, so it was hard to assess if the shops linked to the pharmacy network were able to give good service to its clients or not.

Canadian Meds Analysis
Canadian Meds Analysis

Because no reports for scam activities of Canadian Meds stores were available, I tried looking for the status of the functional site on Scam Adviser to see if there are details worth noting. According to the analysis from Scam Adviser, is related to a number of suspicious websites and also to high-risk countries notorious for selling counterfeit items and committing fraud.

Canadian Meds Scafety Info
Canadian Meds Scafety Info also had a poor result for; according to the analysis, the shop did not have an SSL certificate, which means that the consumer safety can be compromised when browsing the store. Although Google has not yet reported the Canadian Meds website as unsafe, it is still a dubious shop due to its lack of trust records for its service.

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