Shut Down for Malpractice: What Is My Next Step is not found anymore. When you access this site, you see a warrant posted there that informs you that the domain of has been confiscated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), working under Homeland Security Investigations, on counterfeiting and drug trafficking charges and impersonating as a Canadian medicine store. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

Selling and buying using counterfeit medicines can be potentially dangerous for one’s health. That’s why those guilty of counterfeiting are to be incarcerated as well as made to pay a huge fine.

The public is made to believe that generic medicines are also counterfeits, which isn’t true. That’s why government’s arbitrary action against all online medicine sellers appears to be biased. This makes sense when one sees that there is no legal check and balance on big and monopolistic pharmaceuticals, as a result, they overprice their medicines and rake up huge profits at the public’s expense. Reviews cannot be accessed anymore and there isn’t much information as to what the store was like in terms of the years of service, the range of medicines, their prices, discounts, shipping fee, etc. One merely know from the name that Canadian-Medshop was supposedly being run from Canada or used to stock medicines that were from Canada. Unlike America, drug prices are regulated by the Canadian government, so their prices are perceived to be cheaper; this was what Canadian-Medshop was trying to bank on. But it has been shut down now by the US authorities now for malpractice. Since one cannot situate any actual reviews written by any real customers of, one doesn’t know what level of service it was providing to them and whether they were satisfied with it or not. But what one can find out about Canadian Medshop still is that had a very negative status on popular authentication sites like WOT and Scam Advisor: A crowdsourced reviewer called Seidon submitted his findings to WOT on 15 December 2011, in which he said that Canadian-Medshop was a “spam sending domain” or a “spam server” which could potentially infect one’s computer with viruses. Tokage was another reviewer who added Canadian-Medshop on 29 May 2009 to its list of spam sites. Likewise, Evilfantasy and Jaxontm separately established Canadian-Medshop on 5 January 2012 and 24 June 2009 as a “fake medication site” and “Russian fake med site” respectively. Customers Reports Customers Reports

According to Scam Advisor, was a site with low reliability and user safety because its actual location was kept under cover by its owner, as an attempt to mislead the visitors into believing that Canadian Medshop was a fake Canadian pharmacy. Trust Rating Trust Rating Alternatives led customers to believe something that it wasn’t and hence got seized by authorities in the process. Those who believe that generic drugs from across the border sources like Canada are cheaper than their American counterparts are very disappointed on issues like these. They are at a loss for what to do now. Considering this ambivalence, we have created an online guide related to the most trustworthy resources for generic medicines from across the border manufactures. With in-depth analysis, ratings, and authentication scores, this guide has everything you need to know about buying low cost and effective generic medicines.

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