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Canadian Pharma network is yet another concrete example of a pharmacy network with a number of sites linked to its name. Before, I thought that all online pharmacies are unique, but exploring the web, I discovered that some online pharmacy stores look identical, down to their price level. Later on, I was enlightened that these similar looking web pharmacies are not merely copies of each other—these online stores are operating under one company.

Although the web is also a haven for rip-offs, some of these pharmacy network websites are reliable and are capable of giving true customer service to the people, like this network, Canadian Pharma. Sometimes it is hard to weed out the “bad” sites from the good ones, especially for pharmacy network affiliates, Canadian Pharma stands out from the rest through its good web reviews. Reviews for the Canadian Pharma network from a long list of satisfied consumers attest to its trustworthiness as an online source of affordable yet undeniably effective medications for a wide range of medical conditions.

Canadian Pharma Reviews

Canadian Pharma affiliate websites each have their own pools of consumer reviews from clients all over the world. Here are some examples of buyer testimonials for each web Canadian Pharma affiliate:

Canadian Pharma Reviews (
Canadian Pharma Reviews (

European clients Barbara and Jacob wrote their pleasant opinions about the store Pharma Express Rx, one of the Canadian Pharma affiliates. They both were happy campers—Barbara, because of the swift shipping and Jacob because of the friendly customer service.

Barbara commented about the shop allowing her to receive her orders before she anticipated and also about being “100% satisfied” with her order in general. Jacob, on the other hand, related how the staff assisted him with his order processing.

Canadian Pharma Reviews (
Canadian Pharma Reviews (

Sophia and Leeroy, both also from Europe, also gave their opinions on the other Canadian Pharma store, According to Sophia, she loved ordering from the store not only because of its helpful support team but also because the store had great prices for its products, especially for the medicines she needed—in her case, hypertension-relieving medicines.

Leeroy, from Italy, on the other hand, recounted how he’s ordered from the Canadian Pharma shop thrice and always had a successful transaction with the store.

Overall, consumers were pleased with the performances of both the Canadian Pharma stores.

Canadian Pharma Online

Two Canadian Pharma sites are still functional and can be used by buyers with interests in getting a good deal for their generic products. Both of the websites and look the same, as you can clearly see in the images below:

Canadian Pharma ( Home Page
Canadian Pharma ( Home Page

Virtually, there is no significant difference between the two sites I visited bearing the name of Canadian Pharma. The details were also uniform—both shops mentioned that their inception dates in 2001 and both mentioned the company “Canadian Pharmacy Ltd”.

You can find a lot of generic and brand-name, prescription and OTC medications on the website. The featured meds on the store, though were the iconic impotence treatments Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, which the shop advertised as sold for as low as $0.27 per pill—a far cry from their ground drugstore prices.

Canadian Pharma ( Home Page
Canadian Pharma ( Home Page

The shop has the same façade as the first web pharmacy with the name Canadian Pharma. Like the other, this store also mentioned that its service began in 2001 and also noted the company “Canadian Pharmacy Ltd”.

Like the common network pharmacy affiliates, prices for the products were similar on both websites and there is nothing different on both stores except their web addresses. This indicates that both stores are only from one company and only have one central processing unit for their orders.

Canadian Pharma Codes

Both websites did not have coupon codes prepared for their consumers. The stores only had this banner published on their main pages:

Canadian Pharma Discount Offers
Canadian Pharma Discount Offers

The Canadian Pharma stores offered discounted Viagra + Cialis erectile dysfunction packs; however, aside from this ED pack offer, clients can also gain further discounts if they order more than $200 worth of products.

Free shipping offers were also unavailable in either store, as well as free something pills for the consumers ordering from the platforms.

Canadian Pharma Numbers

It is typical of online pharmacy network sites to offer the same contact details, which actually makes sense because these web pharmacies only have one central processing unit for their orders. The Canadian Pharma websites offered the same numbers, just like the other online pharmacy networks I’ve encountered in the past:



Consumers may reach both stores using the same numbers or reach Canadian Pharma using its email integration found on the “Contact us” pages of either website.

Canadian Pharma Spam

There were no reports of spam and scam activities for websites related to the Canadian Pharma network, which denotes good service from the Canadian Pharma end. Not all online drugstores have the luxury of not having complaints about their service, so we can consider the network Canadian Pharma unique because it only had good reviews for its performance during the past few years.

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