Review – Low Prices, Affordable Shipping Rates, and Excellent Service Front Front exhibits the typical country-domain reference, and as the domain name implies, this site is located in Canada. This online pharmacy, is an addition to the existing pharmacy pool of sites selling mostly generic prescription drugs, and it started its operation more than a decade ago, on 2004.

The site sports a lot of certifications at the bottom of its site. The site is said to be accredited by CIPA (Certified Canadian International Pharmacy), CPA,, and MIOA (Manitoba International Pharmacists Association). These accreditations prove that this website indeed operates in Canada and also prove excellent service on this store’s part.

We can find the popular medical classifications list on this site, the one with an extra-long list of meds available on this site. But it is noticeable that the site also markets the ED meds more than any other drug. According to the site, all of its meds are FDA approved and are safe to use. It is notable, though that the site is peddling these prescription meds even to those who do not have the appropriate prescriptions. This makes purchase convenient; however, still encourages buyers to consult their doctor before trying out any Rx product on the website.

As for the prices, the site’s Viagra (Pfizer) can cost as low as $3.8 per pill, while Cialis (Lilly) can cost for at least $4.18 only. The suggested retail prices of these meds are way, way, way more expensive. The generic ones are even cheaper; Sildenafil is offered for as low as $0.36 per pill, and Tadalafil is at $0.76 and above per pill. The site sure sells cheap ED, and for this, I find the site impressive.

These meds can be paid for using Visa, AmEx, and eChecks. According to the site, it employs SSL encryption that helps protect the information exchange during payment. As for the shipping, the site has Airmail ($9.95) and Express Mail shipping ($20), which differ in transit times. Airmail takes 2-3 weeks, but Express Mail takes only 5-10 days. But the site’s Airmail shipping is the only option available for other countries, as it is not possible to ship within the 5-9-day transit window in some regions.

As for the return policy, does not allow returns, as it is prohibited to return medication according to international rules (as said on the site). But the site provides compensation for orders which are damaged, non-delivered, or incomplete; the site can either give a refund for the products or reship the order for free.

The company may be contacted through phone by these numbers: +1-760-284-3222 and +4420-3286-3820. There is also a message function in the “Contact Us” portion of the site, where the clients can leave their queries for the site. Reviews

Only excellent reviews are found for, which denotes a good service from this web store. Here are some of the top reviews written by impressed clients of the store: Reviews Reviews

One buyer thanked Canadian-pharmacy-24 for its “efficient service”, as apparently, his order arrived right on time. Customers Report Customers Report

The comment above, from Jackson, is one of my favorites. According to this buyer, he initially thought that he was scammed, but actually ended up getting a double shipment for his order. It was also really nice of this store to give Jackson the extra parcel as a bonus. Reviews 2016

I thought that the shop did not have recent reviews available. When I checked, though, I found out that it had several testimonials from the present year: Reviews 2017 Reviews 2017

Some buyers are diffident about ordering products from at first, like John. He thought that Canadian-pharmacy-24 was unreliable, but he tried ordering from the shop anyway and ended up having a good order experience. Customers Report 2017 Customers Report 2017

Most of the reports from buyers of are happy about the quick service, like the buyer, Nathan, from the UK. According to him, his order only took 7 days, and for that, he was impressed. Because of Canadian-pharmacy-24’s good service, he recommended the shop to his friends. Coupon Codes

As for the special offers, the site currently gives away free Viagra pills for every order made on this site. There is also a free shipping promo offered by this site on all orders above $200. Discount Offers Discount Offers

Apart from the low product prices, freebie pills, and free shipping for orders more than $200, this shop also gives special discounts for buyers with purchases greater than $200. You can have a 10% discount on your order total if you order products worth $200 above, and I think this is great—a discount on top of the existing discounts.

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