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Due to the common keywords found in name, I get the feeling that I have seen it before. I actually haven’t, but because it is another of the sites named after the famous country, it feels like a déjà vu. The site does not say whether it’s really from the maple leaf country or not; its “About Us” page did not include anything referring to a current address or even a brief company history. The information just gave vague points, referring to Canadian-Pharmacy-247 shop as a “leader in delivering medications”, and being “professionally managed”, with no actual information coupled with these claims.

I initially thought that was only offering meds for men’s sexual health based on the bestsellers in its home, but I noticed that it actually had a long list of medications to choose from, grouped by the type of condition the meds are supposed to be used in. The site has a lot of meds, and it can get tricky looking at the list. There are prescription as well as non-prescription drugs, also generics and brand-name medicines. All the drugs offered here are approved by the FDA, as stated in the site’s FAQ. Clients can also buy any medicine they want (or need) here, without being regulated or asked for a valid prescription. Canadian-Pharmacy-247 store readily dispenses the drugs to its clients, regardless if they have Rx or not.

Since has the Erectile Dysfunction meds as its bestsellers, I was curious why. I discovered that the site’s pricing for the ED meds is low, and that’s the main reason why these are the site’s bestsellers. sells both branded and generic ED meds, but both types here are truly affordable. The pharmacy sells the 100mg Viagra (Pfizer) pill for $3.8 to $9.49 each only; the generic Sildenafil it sells for a mere $0.36 to $3.8. Cialis by Lilly here is sold at $4.18 to $10.46, and its generic counterpart is sold for only $0.76 to $3.72. Compared to the sites I have previously been to, these prices are more affordable.

Products can be paid for using Visa, AmEx, and E-checks. Shipping costs are not free, however; Canadian-Pharmacy-247 drug shop charges $9.95 for Airmail shipping, plus $4.95 for delivery insurance, and another $4.95 for discreet packaging and processing. The two additional charges surface only during checkout and aren’t mentioned anywhere within the site. Airmail is the site’s default shipping method, as there isn’t any other option during checkout. As for occurrences of non-delivery and damage of orders, the clients are encouraged to contact Support by email (or by the numbers posted within the site), so that the concern may be resolved in a timely manner. Clients will either be given a refund or will have their orders reshipped by the pharmacy for free.

I have mentioned that has e-mail support within the site and phone support. Unfortunately, the site has no live chat support for its curious clients like me. Here are the vendor’s phone numbers that may be called:

Contact No. of
Contact No. of

Canadian-Pharmacy-247 Reviews:

Canadian-Pharmacy-247 Reviews
Canadian-Pharmacy-247 Reviews gained a number of testimonials in its operation through the years. These were actually mostly positive, based on the tones of the clients’ statements (because there’s no 1 to 5-star rating indicated for the reviews).

A client from Andorra, named Benjamin, is grateful for the site for being mindful of his order. He thanks the site for following-up if he was able to receive the products. Aside from thanking the site for its service, the client also said that the products made him and his girlfriend “happy”.

“St. Patricks”, from Irish France, also thanks the medication seller for its “prompt” and “efficient” service, as he was able to receive his orders according to the time set by the vendor. The rest of the statement, however, was pretty unclear to me. I just understood that he was, like the previous consumer, “happy”.

Another client, Samuel (from Spain), appreciates Canadian-Pharmacy-247 shop’s freebies which were sent along with his main purchase. But this time, the client urges the site to send him the remaining of his incomplete order. I think that the client is nice for not ranting in the site’s comment page. But I guess he was just nice in return of the good customer support he was able to receive from the site.

Reviews like these were supposed to reflect the site’s actual service from clients’ personal recollections. But in case, these were actually not its own. These testimonials were also seen in a number of different sites. I have no idea why, but since these were just mere copies of reviews from other sites, I am wary about their sincerity.

Canadian Pharmacy 247 Reviews 2016:

Canadian Pharmacy 247 Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Canadian Pharmacy 247 Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Checking with Scam Adviser, I was able to know security status based on the analysis, and it was nowhere near good. The site only acquired a 0% safe rating, indicative that Canadian-Pharmacy-247 is a site reportedly involved in various reports of fraud, malware incidences, and counterfeit products. There’s no way I am going to trust a drug shop with a 0% safety rating, as my details may also get compromised during the order process, aside from getting inevitably ripped-off. Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $200 on
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $200 on had a few offers for its clients. There are only two; a free ED pill giveaway for all orders, and the free shipping for orders which are greater than $200. Well, these offers are better than nothing.

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