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Based on the site’s domain name, is a virtual pharmacy located in Canada and is vending meds online for 12 years (according to the site’s info). The site claims that consumers can save up to 90% off the prices of branded medicine, which we will look into later on. But first impressions first—I am doubtful that this site had been around for 12 years, judging by the site’s appearance. It looks rather new, as reflected by the site’s seemingly rush-constructed layout and presentation.

The site’s domain name is also misleading, as the name indicated in the site’s heading is CanadianDrug Store. And when I looked at the tab, the name in the tab reads “Pharmacy Online.” I find it confusing that the site has inconsistent names written all over it.

According to the site, it sells US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved meds, even their generics. The site also mentioned the products being CPA (Certified Public Accountant) approved, but I can’t see how a CPA accreditation is relevant to the medical products the site is selling. The drugs this pharmacy is mostly selling includes textbook meds roster found in most online pharmacies: ED meds, painkillers, antibiotics, anti-depression and anxiety, weight loss medication, blood pressure meds, herbal supplements, and a few more tweaks to the usual lineup.

ED meds are included in the site’s best sellers, and they are priced rather low, as the site sells the generic versions of the famous ED medication. Again, instead of labeling the product with the generic name, the site uses “Viagra” or “generic Viagra” to label the products, even if it is not the brand it sells its Sildenafil by. has its Sildenafil by 25/50/100/120/150/200mg variants. The cost of a 25mg tab is $1.52/pc, but they are currently on sale for purchase by packs, so the 30pc 25mg pack is sold at only $45.68, instead of $52.78. The site also offers freebies for bulk purchases along with the discounts. There is an additional 4 pills for every 30, 60, or 90-pc purchase; and additional 10 pills for every 120, 180, 270, or 360-pc purchase aside from the 20% discount. The price per pill also goes significantly lower as the quantity of purchase goes higher. For example, at 360 pieces, the price for the 25mg Sildenafil is only at $0.72. As for their Tadalafil, pills are priced $42.21 (2.5mg) for 30 pieces; and for 360-pc purchase, the meds cost only $260.82 (discounted) instead of $326.03. The site is indeed offering large discounts for these ED meds.

Regarding the payment, the site accepts credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards. What I like about this site, though, is that most of the need-to-know information are already written on the FAQ page and the product details. For example, the shipping rates for ED meds are already indicated in the product details. Shipping for most purchases cost $20 for Airmail and $30 for EMS. But they have subsidized and free shipping too, depending on the client’s purchase. For $300-$400 orders, shipping via Airmail is free, and only $15 for EMS. For orders above $400, shipping is free for EMS too. The site also offers “First Class Mail Delivery” for those who want urgent deliveries. This mode of shipment costs $35?and is not included in the free shipping promo.

Transit times are also included in the FAQ section for reference. Unregistered Mail (Airmail) takes 14-21 business days to arrive; Trackable Courier (EMS) takes 5-9 business days (in some cases up to 25 days), and First Class Mail (offered for selected countries only) takes 3-5 days to arrive.

As for the customer support, there is no live chat, but the company has 24/7 hotline that can be reached through +1 888 225 84 52, and through emailing the customer support in the site. The site does not have a physical address, though, which kinda turned me off.


Canadian-pharmacy-exp Reviews:

Canadian-pharmacy-exp Reviews
Canadian-pharmacy-exp Reviews Reviews Reviews

On I found several product reviews for the ED meds Sildenafil and Tadalafil. Most of them date 2014, and are purely positive comments about the products sold by the site.

According to the review by Henry B (posted 10/18/2014), he already made “3 purchases” from the site. and is “100% satisfied” with the products he bought, as well as the quality of service rendered by the site, as he “never had to contact customer service”.

All four reviews on Canadian Pharmacy’s Sildenafil (from Henry B, TIm Johnson, Matthew Smith, and Guns Feberg) are all praises to the product’s effectiveness. All of them were very satisfied and pleased with the work the meds did to them.

I am pleased with the reviews, but remembering that they are on-site product reviews still made me doubtful if the products sold on this site really works.

The same can be said on the site’s Tadalafil; though the clients gave impressive reviews, still, the fact remains that these reviews are not too reliable to believe; they may only be untruthful statements composed to encourage more sales from the consumer’s’ end.

There are even reviews on Cialis from Mr. Man and Thiago (Brazil) recalling that they have ordered multiple times on this site, and were continuously satisfied with their purchase; according to one of them, he “would be placing orders for a long time.” Another review, by Fill V., stated that he was at first “dubious about ordering,” but then took the risk and was impressed with the excellent service and the product quality.

As much as I want to fully believe these reviews, there is always this reservation in me regarding positive on-site reviews, as I have encountered so much counterfeit reviews on bogus sites claiming that they received excellent service, and so on. But then I end up discovering that most of what I see are not real, as companies nowadays try their very best to manipulate what they can to generate more income, even if it taints their integrity.

Canadian Pharmacy Exp Reviews 2016:

The reviews above all came from 2014 and sadly, there are no recent reviews for us to evaluate regarding

Looking at the result of Scam Adviser’s analysis, the site is rated “71% safe”, with the remark being “New Site Without Feedback”. It is consistent with my hunch that the site is relatively new, and not aged 12 years as the site so claims.

This for me, is a big deal, knowing that this site is just a newbie site claiming to have run for 12 years. Interesting.

Canadian Pharmacy Exp Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Canadian Pharmacy Exp Trust Rating by Scamadviser Coupon Codes:

Discount Offer by
Discount Offer by currently runs a 20% price-off sale on ED meds for purchase in packs. The prices are already low, and the additional 20% off adds to consumer savings.

In addition to the price-off, the pharmacy also gives a number of bonus pills for a minimum amount of purchase. For example, for every 30, 60, and 90-pc order of generic Viagra, the company gives 4 pcs free.

Also, offers subsidized and free shipping options for orders $300 and up. Orders $300-$400 qualifies for free shipping via Airmail, and can be shipped via EMS (trackable courier) at a discounted rate ($15 instead of $30). Orders amounting to more than $400 are eligible for free shipping via EMS. Unfortunately, shipping through First Class Mail is not included in the site’s shipping discounts.

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