Review – E-Store with Good Prices but with Copied Reviews Main Page Main Page is a three-year-old online pharmacy which claims to be one of the leading internet drugstores. The actual name of Canadian-Pharmacy-FDA is Canadian Drug Store, which, frankly, is an ambiguous name, as there are literally numerous online stores with the same “Canadian Drugstore” or “Canadian Drug Store” name. I looked into the details of the store but I failed to see the store’s disclosure for where it actually operates from. However, Canadian-Pharmacy-FDAstated that the shop sources its medicines from India, as the store sells drugs which are mostly from Indian manufacturers.

This online pharmacy has the same generic and brand-name products available at other online pharmacies. Products sold on Canadian Pharmacy FDA are grouped according to the medical categories they treat. I found meds for inflammatory infections, parasitic infection, arthritis, birth control, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, eye care, and other medical concerns. All of the meds available on are approved by the Indian FDA, so the clients are assured of the good quality and the effectiveness of the meds they purchase from the shop.

The meds on CanadianPharmacyFDA do not require prescriptions, so buyers were free to order their Rx meds on the shop without providing their written scripts. Some buyers prefer buying meds without prescriptions as it will make their shopping experience hassle-free, but some buyers are also cautious and they make sure to get checked first before ordering anything online.

The bestsellers on Canadian-Pharmacy-FDA are meds such as Zithromax, Ventolin, and erectile dysfunction medications such as brand-name and generic Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. These medications are the first ones the buyers see on, as these meds are placed on the main page of the store.

Since I am concerned about the erectile dysfunction meds, I checked the prices for the products to see if they are affordable. The price for generic Viagra on Canadian-Pharmacy-FDA is $31.49 for 10 tablets of the 100 mg product, while the price for the branded Viagra from Pfizer costs $87.49 for 8 tablets of the 100 mg product. For generic Cialis, on the other hand, the price for 10 tablets of the 20 mg product costs $36.49, while the price for branded Cialis from Eli Lilly costs $124.99 for 8 tablets for the 20 mg product.

Regarding the charges, Canadian Pharmacy FDA asks for $9.95 for the standard delivery (takes up to 21 days to arrive) and $29.95 for the trackable or express delivery (takes up to 9 days). Regarding payments, the store accepts payments via credit cards (MasterCard and VISA), E-checks, and bank wire transfers.

Although offers a money-back guarantee for the orders done at the shop, the store states that it will first investigate cases of loss or damages claimed by the patients. The shop promises to reimburse payments and replace lost orders when needed. may be contacted using its phone numbers available on the store and using the message function integrated on the store. Canadian-Pharmacy-FDA does not have a live chat function for its buyers, though. Reviews

As with any online pharmacy, I went on to search if buyer testimonials were available for the online store. However, I was unable to find reviews for this online pharmacy, so I tried to take a look at the available on-site reviews allegedly posted by buyers. Feedback Feedback

There were several reviews available on and one of them was from Tiffany. According to her, the shop offered a wide range of products and also good prices for the meds.

Fabio, another client, stated that he was able to purchase meds on without breaking the bank, as the store helped him save more.

Rachel also commented on the shop’s good pricing, and the client Lucy Jacobs expressed her satisfaction for the product prices on the store as well.

There were more comments posted on Canadian-Pharmacy-FDA, and all of them were positive towards the store’s service. The problem with these reviews, however, was that they were also seen on other online stores and were not changed—the reviews were literally identical. This implicates that the reviews found on Canadian-Pharmacy-FDA were not really meant for the shop and were only copied. Reviews 2016

Although the store Canadian-Pharmacy-FDA still functions today, there were still no external reviews found for this online pharmacy. For me to identify more facts for the shop’s domain, I had to use other platforms. Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed

I used Scam Adviser to check on the status of According to the results yielded by the assessment for, the store is a threat listed site based in either the United States or the Czech Republic. The shop was given a score of 58% and was given a rogue rating. Malware reports were also detected for the online pharmacy. Safety Level Safety Level results on were also unpleasant, and the store was given a 13% score for its credibility. Since the store had a bad overall rating, the clients are advised to find other shops to use. Coupon Codes

Canadian-Pharmacy-FDA offers free pills for orders of erectile dysfunction medications. The shop also claims to offer free shipping for its clients, but when I did a mock checkout, the store actually asked for shipping fees for my order. Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offer Bonus Pills and Free Shipping Offer

I thought that the store had 10% off its products, but as I read, the shop only claimed that its prices were about 10% lower than the other online store prices.

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