Canadian Pharmacy King Review – Only a Single Store on the Web

Canadian Pharmacy King is another web pharmacy with a “Canada” word mentioned on its domain. Among the online pharmacy networks I’ve visited, this one has the least number of web affiliates with the same store name—the shop actually had no affiliate pharmacies having the same name, although I discovered that Canadian Pharmacy King is working under a certain company, Farmacia Para El Mundo, SA, which has several online pharmacies working under its license.

Online affiliate sites belonging to a specific pharmacy network are made by companies for them to gain more sales, as these web pharmacies related to a pharmacy network are aimed at collecting traffic for the main company. Pharmacy Networks function as a team—its affiliates serve as its hands and to gather more orders from clients then forwards the orders to a central office.

In the case of Canadian Pharmacy King, though, the store is only a singular site without any other websites named as “Canadian Pharmacy King”, but it is somewhat a part of a greater company. We’ll be discussing the store in detail today.

Canadian Pharmacy King Reviews

To get a better view of Canadian Pharmacy King, I tried looking for consumer reports mentioning the site. I was able to get testimonials for the store, and the shop had allusions to it from various pharmacy blogger websites.

Since Canadian Pharmacy King claims as a member of a Canadian pharmacy organization, CIPA, I checked CIPA Rx’s database if indeed it is a valid member of the organization.

Canadian Pharmacy King CIPA Membership
Canadian Pharmacy King CIPA Membership

I was able to verify that Canadian Pharmacy King ( is an active member of CIPA. There are only 63 websites which are members of the association, so being a member is significant.

Canadian Pharmacy King Reviews
Canadian Pharmacy King Reviews

Good reviews exist for Canada Pharmacy King and the store had commendations from clients who posted on an external review platform, Pharmacy Checker. According to a user “1800mike” (posted January 2017), he was able to successfully order from Canada Pharmacy King and was able to receive the items in 9 days instead of 10 to 14 days. Overall, he gave the store 5/5 stars.

Another consumer comment, from Pluto (posted September 2016), declared that the shop’s customer support is quite helpful and efficient—overall, he had an excellent experience with the online store.

Canadian Pharmacy King Online

Canadian Pharmacy King is only a single store, and here is the only website carrying the name Canadian Pharmacy King:

Canadian Pharmacy King Main Page
Canadian Pharmacy King Main Page

The store Canadian Pharmacy King is an online drugstore selling consumer prescriptions for various medical needs. It was incepted in 2003 and it dispenses Rx meds only when the consumers are able to provide the appropriate prescriptions first. The store, although it has no affiliates with the same name, is operating under a bigger company, Farmacia Para El Mundo, SA.

Canadian Pharmacy King Main Page
Canadian Pharmacy King Main Page
Canadian Pharmacy King Main Page
Canadian Pharmacy King Main Page

Because I found no other stores bearing the name Canadian Pharmacy King, I searched for stores operating under Farmacia Para El Mundo SA instead and found several stores, and The homepage above is from Canada Drugs Online and the image below is for the which are both operating under Farmacia Para El Mundo.

Both drugstores ( and lists the same Farmacia Para El Mundo SA as their “corporate office”, like Canada Pharmacy King.

Canadian Pharmacy King Coupon Codes

Concerning coupon codes, there are no coupon codes from Canada Pharmacy King. I tried searching for discount codes offered by the network to its consumers. Though it is typical for online stores to offer discounts and deals for consumers, Canadian Pharmacy King did not offer deals for its clients. I was expecting at least conditional free shipping and freebies like commonly given by pharmacies and pharmacy networks to the consumers.

Canadian Pharmacy King Numbers

These are the contact details given by Canadian Pharmacy King to its consumers:


[email protected]






Unit #202A

8322 130th Street Surrey,

BC Canada V3W 8J9

It is quite refreshing to see contact details posted by online pharmacies because it is rather unusual to see web stores posting their business information for their consumers.

Canadian Pharmacy King Spam

There are no concrete spam reports for Canadian Pharmacy King, and there were actually no complaints aired for the shop online. I also checked the numbers advertised on Canadian Pharmacy King, and so far, there were no records of spam activities for the numbers provided by the store.

Canadian Pharmacy King’s Domain Included on NABP’s List
Canadian Pharmacy King’s Domain Included on NABP’s List

However, I tried evaluating the Canadian Pharmacy King’s status by searching if Canadian Pharmacy King is included in the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s list of not recommended sites. Despite Canadian Pharmacy King being a verified member of CIPA, one of Canada’s prestigious pharmacy associations, the network/pharmacy is, sadly, included on NABP’s list of not recommended websites.

Stores or domains included in the list are determined as non-compliant with federal and international standards for proper website functioning. It is ironic, though, that Canadian Pharmacy King is still determined as non-compliant despite it being a CIPA member.

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