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Home Page of is another pharmacy with high-quality generic medications approved by Indian FDA. The company mainly has sexual health meds for men and women. After serving the buyers for several years, the shop Canadian Pharmacy No Rx still closed down, leaving the customers to wander from one online pharmacy to another.

As per my chat with the representative of the company, the company operated from the UK and all its meds were manufactured in India and thus shipped meds from there. The company claimed to be in business for 10 years, which was longer than the typical 365-day lifespan of the common online drugstores today.

The process of ordering the meds through this company was easy and without prescription, however, some products of the company needed a valid prescription. A single tablet of generic Cialis was sold by the store at $1.30 and as compared to brand medicines at web drugstores, this price was a steal. The payment accepted by the shop was through VISA and Master card debit cards. After receiving the payment, the Canadian Pharmacy Norx sent its products to its destination via EMS or Standard Airmail Shipping. The EMS took 5-9 days to deliver the goods at the cost of $30, while the second method took 10 to 21 days with the standard cost of $10.

Moreover, the company offered payment refunds, in the case of (unlikely) non-deliveries or damages to the products. For further information, buyers were offered the Live chat option and the toll-free US number: +1 800 532 4808, regular US: +1 718 475 9088 or UK: +44 203 011 0241. Reviews

I found some of the customer reviews for Canadian Pharmacy Norx from buyers who were satisfied with the service given them by the store. Reviews Reviews

Alan thanked the store for catering to his questions. He admired the Cialis flavor, but somehow had a different expectation for the product he ordered. Still, his comment was a good one overall.

An anonymous buyer thanked the shop for his items received. According to him, he was “very pleased” with the bonus that came with his order. This buyer stated that he will reorder from the shop soon.

Larry was also one grateful buyer. He mentioned that the pills he ordered “worked great” and thanked the store for its reliable service. Reviews 2016

Besides the reviews from way back, the store Canadian Pharmacy No Rx also had reviews for the more recent year, before it finally closed down. Here are some of the buyer testimonials available for the shop: Reviews 2016 Reviews 2016

Yukio, one buyer, thanked the shop for the “quick delivery” and mentioned that he received the items a week earlier than anticipated.

Apart from Yukio, other customers with successful orders also publicly messaged the store and gave their thanks, like the anonymous buyer who posted above. This buyer stated that he received what he ordered from Canadian Pharmacy No Rx and aired his intent to reorder. Coupon Codes

Customers were attracted to the shops or online companies that offered discounts or coupon codes for them. Canadian Pharmacy Norx offered the special discount offers to convince customers to purchase, and to help them maximize their savings:

Free Pills Offer on
Free Pills Offer on

Although there were no coupon codes being offered by the company, there were worthwhile discount offers by the company for its customers.

According to the offers, there was a bonus of free 4 Generic Viagra soft pills, with the order of 20 pills or above. Besides this, 10 and 20 bonus pills were added for the orders more than 60 and 100 pills package respectively. Not only this, the company offered free airmail shipping for all the order above 170 pills.

The customers also were given discounts 5 to 7% discounts for their second and third re-orders from the store. Not all online pharmacies offered discounts for their customers and Canadian Pharmacy No Rx sure made up for its lack of coupons by offering other discounts for its buyers.

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