Review – Domain Redirects to One TT Pharmacy Main Page Main Page is now an inaccessible online store. There are no data for the store’s disappearance, but as I visited the online store, I was redirected to another domain, or TT Pharmacy. Since I was not given an error message for the shop and was instead redirected, the store may have just moved to the new domain or merged with another online pharmacy instead of closing down and leaving an inaccessible domain behind.

The real store name of Canadian-Pharmacy-Store is Official Medicines, which was odd because the store name did not have anything to do with its domain name. The shop did not have anything significant—the store had the same medications as any other online pharmacy on the web. Even if the store had records in the web archives, there were no data concerning the specifics of the shop. did not have information for its location or even the date of its inception. I thought that I would find the data on the archived records, but the store did not have any information’s for its business details.

Canadian-Pharmacy-Store sold generic and brand name medications for various medical concerns, such as meds for impotence or men’s health, pain relief, bones, dental whitening, cholesterol, and for other medical concerns. Among all the medicines available on CanadianPharmacyStore, the shop had the products Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Xenical, Propecia, and several others as its best-selling medications. The meds on were all certified by the FDA and were dispensed by the store to its clients even if they did not provide the Rx for the products.

Concerning the prices for the medications, generic Viagra on the store cost as low as $0.99 per pill, generic Cialis cost as low as $1.95 per pill, and an erectile dysfunction pack (Viagra 10 pills + Cialis 10 pills) cost $83.99 on Even if the impotence pills on Canadian Pharmacy Store were Rx-only medicines, did not require the buyers to send in their written scripts. This probably added to the convenience of the buyers when it came to the purchase of impotence meds since local pharmacies gave buyers a hard time for their prescriptions. With, the buyers just had to place their orders and pay without needing to consult with the doctors and ask for written orders.

Because Canadian-Pharmacy-Store is not available, I was unable to view the shipping rates for the products. I could have easily determined the information using the retrieved data for, but the information on the web archives was incomplete.

As for the payments accepted by Canadian Pharmacy Store, the shop credited buyer payments from VISA and E-checks. Besides those two, there were no other payment methods accepted by this online store. was contacted by the buyers using its telephone numbers posted on the shop and using its messaging function integrated on the store. Reviews

On-site reviews were available on Canadian-pharmacy-store and there were quite a few of them accessible using the web archives. The comments were peculiar as the testimonials even had the clients’ faces in them, whilst other reviews just had the comments and the dates. Customer Experience Customer Experience

According to Max, a 28-year-old buyer from the store, he’s had much success with his orders from

Mary, another client, also related how happy she was with the items she bought from CanadianPharmacyStore.

Robert also commended the store’s products for being effective. It was just odd, though, that Robert even had his photo posted along with his review, although his comment honestly relayed how he had problems with erectile dysfunction. It’s just peculiar that a man would openly speak about having impotence.

Although the testimonials for sound good, these comments were only native to the store and may have been manipulated by the shop. On-site comments are unreliable since there’s no way of verifying if these buyer comments were true or if they were just conjured up by for its own sake. Reviews 2016

Canadian Pharmacy Store did not have reviews/external reviews for 2016 or the more current year. Because of this, I resorted to using other platforms to see whether functioned properly since there were no independent reviews for this online store. Trust Rating Trust Rating

Scam Adviser had a poor result for This platform only gave Canadian-Pharmacy-Store a 21 score for its trust rating out of a scale of 100. According to more details for the result, CanadianPharmacyStore was a store which was visited only 33 times by consumers. The store’s age was 2 years and the shop’s location was pinpointed to Canada, Seychelles, or Russia. Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

I also used Legit Script to check on, but the result for Canadian Pharmacy Store was also a poor rating. The shop was given the lowest possible score; it was dubbed as a rogue online pharmacy. This meant that Canadian Pharmacy Store was far from being a trustworthy online store. Coupon Codes had a dearth of coupon codes and discount offers. There were no discounts meant for the buyers of, but the shop offered freebies for its clients. Free Pills Offer Free Pills Offer

According to the store banners, 4 free generic Viagra pills were given unconditionally to buyers of, but 12 free pills were conferred to clients with orders of more than $300 in cost.

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