Canadian Pharmacy World – One Website is Indeed a CIPA Rx Member

Canadian Pharmacy World is another “Canadian” pharmacy network. Information on one of its affiliated pharmacies indicates that it is from Surrey, in BC, Canada. One of its pharmacies, states that the internet pharmacy service started since 2006. This network also advertises that it is a pharmacy approved by the CIPA Rx association (Certified Canadian International Pharmacy) and that it is also accredited by PharmacyChecker.

Unlike the other pharmacy networks, Canadian Pharmacy World only has a few affiliated pharmacies—I actually only found two related to the web pharmacy network. It is kind of difficult searching for affiliates of this pharmacy network, though, due to its overused keywords which do not yield specific results.

Web pharmacy network groups are intended to boost sales for a specific company. Some pharmacy networks are legitimately operating, but in some cases, rip-offs develop clone websites which steal traffic from the legit sites, and this can pose serious problems for the consumers.

Canadian Pharmacy World Reviews

Since Canadian Pharmacy World claims that it is a member of the CIPA association, I checked if the claim of the network was indeed truthful. Here is the result for the CIPA analysis for one of the websites affiliated with the Canadian Pharmacy World network (

Canadian Pharmacy World is an active CIPA member
Canadian Pharmacy World is an active CIPA member

According to CIPA, the website is an active CIPA member which has the quality of a legitimately operating website. The result showed that the site is able to dispense its meds through a licensed pharmacy and also required prescriptions from consumers. CIPA also stated that overall, Canadian Pharmacy World’s website is a secure place for medication purchase.

Canadian Pharmacy World in NABP’s List of “Not Recommended” Websites
Canadian Pharmacy World in NABP’s List of “Not Recommended” Websites

However, despite the good feedback from CIPA Rx, I still found the website on the list of NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy) for its “not recommended” websites. There is no specific reason why NABP included the site on its list, but the shop may have been found out of compliance with one or two of the regulations set for proper internet website operations.

Canadian Pharmacy World Online

As for the operational websites for the network Canadian Pharmacy World, I only found two—the sites and Here are the shots of the accessible online pharmacies with the name Canadian Pharmacy World: (Canadian Pharmacy World) Home Page (Canadian Pharmacy World) Home Page

This first online store has the exact name Canadian Pharmacy World—however, this appears to be a shadow of a previous store. I noticed that this website is actually nonfunctional, and what you can see on the website are only un-clickable images.

Although has “products”, consumers can’t access any of what’s posted on the store because they are merely photos without any offered links to actual products or content from the website. (Canadian Pharmacy World) Home Page (Canadian Pharmacy World) Home Page

The other website, on the other hand (, is still functional. The store has fully-operating segments and viewable products. This is the shop which stated that Canadian Pharmacy World functioned since 2006 and until now is still dispensing Rx products for its consumers. This store requires the buyers to provide the proper prescriptions for the items (via snail mail, fax, and email). does not only cater to consumers located in Canada—it is also serving clients from international locations, and the store accomplishes this via its fulfillment centers located in Mauritius, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Turkey.

Canadian Pharmacy World Coupon Codes

I searched the web and the actual websites for their available discount codes for buyers, but at the moment, Canadian Pharmacy World sites do not offer any form of coupon or voucher discount for its clients.

Free shipping is also unavailable, even for consumers with larger purchase amounts. The shop does not also offer freebie pills for its consumers, or any form of free products for a certain purchase amount, which is actually common amongst online drug stores, regardless of network.

Canadian Pharmacy World Numbers

One of the Canadian Pharmacy World stores offered its phone numbers and other contact details for its consumers. The site offered numbers for consumers to use:


Call Toll-Free 1.866.485.7979

FAX Toll-Free 1.866.486.7979


[email protected]

Mailing Address:

Unit #202A 8322 130th St Surrey, BC

Canada V3W 8J9

Besides these, the Canadian Pharmacy World website also had a contact page for the buyers to use should they desire to mail the site without using their own inboxes.

The other site,, however, did not offer contact details, which actually made sense because there was literally nothing on the store.

Canadian Pharmacy World Spam

Fortunately, there were no consumer complaints about spam emails and calls from Canadian Pharmacy World stores. There were also no client reports relating to scam activities and the Canadian Pharmacy World network pharmacies. However, I still searched one of the shops on the databases of known assessing platforms to make sure:

Canadian Pharmacy World Website is a Rogue Website
Canadian Pharmacy World Website is a Rogue Website

Using Legit Script, I was able to determine that the site was a rogue internet pharmacy by Legit Script Standards. Rogue websites are usually ones which fail to comply with federal legislations for internet pharmacies; however, the actual reason why one of the Canadian Pharmacy World stores was still rated a Rogue store despite its CIPA accreditation.

Canadian Pharmacy World Website Summary
Canadian Pharmacy World Website Summary

The store was rated a trustworthy website by Scam Adviser; however, the shop was identified to have a hidden location, which is not usually a good sign. It is rather odd, though, that Scam Adviser did not detect the Rogue rating for the same website, as given by Legit Script.

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