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Based on this store’s domain name, it is yet another “Canadian” pharmacy added to the pool of pharmacies sporting “Canada” in their domain names. How many Canadian pharmacies are there, really?

Since this one has “Canadian” in it, I initially presumed that this site’s location is probably in Canada. But no; I was wrong. This site is owned by EUROPHARM GROUP Inc., which is located in Czech Republic. The information on the site’s domain name is misleading and wrong. This site has been in the business for 7 years, and according to its banner, this site is a “non-prescription” online pharmacy. That alone is suggestive that this site may have not been operating according to the pharmaceutical vending norms; legally operating sites and pharmacies are required by law to oblige clients to present Rx from their respective doctors before they are sold the Rx drugs.

As for the products being sold by this site, there are all sorts of branded and generic prescription and non-prescription meds. There is this long list of product categories too, but the site’s best-selling drugs are the ED meds. This site has both the branded and generic variants of the ED meds. Of course, the branded meds are FDA-approved, but the site gets really shady when it comes to discussing the generic meds. The site does not say where the products are manufactured; it only states that the meds are from an “offshore” facility where production costs are “much lower”, thus the lower pricing. I have later on found out that the generic meds are from India, and are “Indian FDA-Approved”, as all the other online sites so claim.

The actual prices of the ED meds are cheap. Generic Sildenafil costs $1.42 to $3.66 each for the minimum purchase and $0.35 to $1.24 each for wholesale purchases. The thing is with this bulk pricing is that you have to buy first an insanely large number of products before you’re able to avail the low pricing. I don’t think that’s actually practical, as most of the buyers here are purchasing only for personal use. The drugs are all going to expire before I can use them all up. The branded Viagra costs $3.92 to $9.11 each for the 100 mg; minimum purchase is 4 pills per order. Orders can be paid through credit cards and E-checks, should clients want to order.

As for the delivery service of this site, it employs EMS and Registered airmail. EMS takes 5-7 days, while Airmail takes 2-4 weeks. I have noticed though that the default shipping method for every order is via Airmail, for there is no EMS option during checkout. Airmail costs $14.95. In the event of damaged or missing orders, the company offers refunds and reshipments. The refund coverage isn’t mentioned or if the reshipments are free.

The site has no live chat option for clients, only email support. The clients can mail the site in the Contact Us page. There are also numbers to call the company with: +1 800 715 5341 (US) and +44 203 318 5981 (EU). Company address is at Sokolovska 131/86, 186 00 Praha 8 – Karlin, Czech Republic; and clearly not “Canadian” in any way. Reviews: Feedback Feedback

The site dedicated a page only for testimonials. Of course, as with all in-site reviews, these are all positive; no negative feedback is found in this testimonial tab.

All of these testimonials are from clients confirming that they have received their orders. There is no date when these were posted, and there is no other information confirming that these are real reviews from real people, and not bots or mere fabrications by the site.

Unfortunately for this site, I have already seen these reviews from another site I have reviewed previously. This is really low for this site to reuse and recycle reviews from other sites. I do not know if this is a mirror, clone, or an affiliate site of a certain company, but it really irks me to see that sites like this one tend to rehash client feedback. That’s just really bad.

Canadian-Pills-Store Reviews 2016: Trust Rating Trust Rating

No reviews pertaining to the site can be found recently. There were none from third-party sites. I am not surprised. What it did have is an analysis from Scam Adviser, stating that it is indeed a scam site. The site was rated 0% safe out of the possible 100, and is labeled “High Risk”. The site’s location is detected to be “Hidden” too. I think that is indicative of the nefarious nature of this site anyway. Well, as a client, I wouldn’t want to waste my money on the likes of this site.

Canadian Pills Store Coupon Codes: Free Pills And Free Shipping Offer Free Pills And Free Shipping Offer

The site is giving away a meager 2 pills on all orders. The only promo this site is running aside from the 2-pill giveaway is the Free Delivery for orders more than $200. Airmail shipping is free when the orders amount to $200 or more. EMS delivery, on the other hand, is free for orders more than $300.

As a consumer, I just wanted to see more discounts by this site, other than those that were mentioned. But it doesn’t matter anyway, for I am not quite interested in buying something from this site.

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