Canadian Rx – Consumers at Risk of Running into Fake Sites

Canadian Rx is another pharmacy network website operating on the web. You may have encountered multiple online pharmacies with the “Canadian Rx” name and may have been freaked out seeing they all look the same. Although it feels frightening to see mirror sites, these websites were actually intentionally created by the owners of web pharmacy networks.

The pharmacy network, Canadian Rx, for instance, exists in several domain names:,,,,, and several others. These websites operate under the same pharmacy network (hence the uniform store names), but they have different web addresses.

These web pharmacy networks are the new strategy of online pharmacy owners—they deliberately flood the internet with their identical websites to direct traffic to their main pharmacy. I honestly find this odd, because there are myriads of marketing strategies they can try to promote their pharmacies instead of creating multiple websites with technically identical content.

Although their goal is benign, these owners are putting consumers at risk of running into fake, copied websites from scam operators. Buyers can’t tell if a website is indeed from the main pharmacy network or were just traps set by scammers.

Canadian Rx Reviews

Although there are a lot of domains related to the Canadian Rx network, there are actually no reviews available for the websites related to this pharmacy network. There were no available consumer reports for websites specifically named as “Canadian Rx”, and the web results yield unrelated results during my search for “Canadian Rx reviews”.

Canadian Rx in NABP’s List of “Not Recommended” Websites
Canadian Rx in NABP’s List of “Not Recommended” Websites

To assess if Canadian Rx stores are validly operating or not, I decided to check the database of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), to see if sites named Canadian Rx were included in the list of NABP’s not recommended websites.

To my dismay, Canadian Rx named websites were listed under NABP’s record of “not recommended” websites or stores which are operating in complete defiance of online pharmacy legislations. It is also notable that almost all of these websites are now closed (save for one).

Canadian Rx Doesn't Appear in the CIPA Member Database
Canadian Rx Doesn’t Appear in the CIPA Member Database

I cross-checked one of the listed “not recommended” Canadian Rx sites I found on NABP in CIPA Rx’s database. I was hoping that CIPA Rx may be able to list one of the Canadian Rx sites as its member, but I was disappointed seeing one Canadian Rx named store ( was not a CIPA member. CIPA Rx did not have the store included in its database of valid CIPA members; according to CIPA, it only has 63 members, and those sites are the only ones licensed to carry its “CIPA Rx” seal.

Canadian Rx Pharmacy Online

Although the list of Canadian Rx sites is long, all of the websites with the Canadian Rx name (the ones listed on NABP, anyway), were all offline. I tried using Google to search for the available (existing) Canadian Rx websites but found none. Here are two of the supposed Canadian Rx stores and their error messages during my visit: (Canadian Rx) Home Page (Canadian Rx) Home Page

One of the Canadian Rx network pharmacies is As you can see, instead of displaying the Canadian Rx store, the shop gave an error message and asked the domain owners to contact the service provider. (Canadian Rx) Home Page (Canadian Rx) Home Page

The website also had an error message presented on its home page. In this site’s case, though, the message read “This site is under development”. It is possible that the store is undergoing changes, although there was no clear message from the former store to its clients regarding the actual phase this shop was going through.

It is not surprising that online pharmacies come and go, as most of them only have a domain registry of 365 days (1 year). Most network pharmacy affiliates are “dispensable” and they expire quickly without being restored by the owners. Oftentimes, though, consumers do not notice their disappearance, as though these mirror sites are many, they are quite unpopular with the buyers.

Canadian Rx Coupon Codes

Since no Canadian Rx website is online, I was unable to determine any Canadian Rx-orchestrated discount deal or freebie offer on the web. I could have easily located consumer deals if Canadian Rx websites are online, but since all of them are unreachable, I found no discount offers from the Canadian Rx.

We can only speculate about the possible offers Canadian Rx gave its clients. Pharmacy network websites are quite predictable and Canadian Rx may have offered one or two of these cliché online pharmacy deals:

  • Freebie pills for consumers (default for all orders or order amount-dependent)
  • Free shipping for a certain purchase amount
  • Free package insurance for a certain purchase amount
  • Returning consumer discount
  • Referral discount
  • Store credits for returning buyers and referrals

Canadian Rx Numbers

One of the Canadian Rx stores had this number but from a domain assessing website. Here is the number of the Canadian Rx store,, on Scam Adviser:


The store is now offline, so the phone number may also be unavailable.

Canadian Rx Spam

Using Scam Adviser, I was able to determine the following details for one Canadian Rx store,

Canadian Rx Website Information
Canadian Rx Website Information

According to Scam Adviser’s analysis, the store was a ROGUE pharmacy located in the Czech Republic and has an age of 7+ years. The platform also identified that the store had complaints about being untrustworthy and unreliable, and also had bad ratings from other web platforms.

Canadian Rx Website is a Rogue Website
Canadian Rx Website is a Rogue Website

The website was also deemed as a ROGUE internet pharmacy by the assessing platform Legit Script. According to Legit Script, the Canadian Rx store failed to comply with the rules and regulations set for legally operating web pharmacies.

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