Review – Another Cliché Affiliate Marketing Site Main Page Main Page is another affiliate marketing website connected to Canadian Drugstore. But this site is fairly new, as its copyright indicates the current year alone. The site, having the word “Canadian” in its domain, seems to imply that CanadianDose is located in Canada; but I am not so sure, because domain names are just “names”, and sites can put any place they want and not actually be there for real.

Based on what can plainly be seen on CanadianDose, it is selling numerous medicines for various illnesses and other uses, except for controlled substances like Valium and its derivatives. Most of the meds here are prescription medicines, which are all able to be shipped upon order; unlike the other sites which still have to confirm the products’ availability.

The main goal of pharmacies like this one is to supply medications that are generally hard to come by to clients who are in need of them. There were also OTC (Over-the-counter) meds, but CanadianDose shop has a greater product density for prescription meds. The clients need not provide an existing prescription for the products; there are licensed physicians whose services are employed by CanadianDose. Clients will just have to submit their order forms along with a medical assessment form provided by the site, and the physicians will then evaluate the form and decide whether to approve or decline the clients’ orders. If the orders are approved, the physician himself will provide the necessary prescriptions for the need-to-dispense meds. sells both generic and branded medicines. Both types are approved by the FDA for sale and consumption and are proven effective, provided they are used according to the physicians’ recommendations. There’s not much significance in the difference between the brand-name and generic medications, because as far as the manufacturers are concerned, they both have the same active ingredients.

Products here are cheaper than the prices usually found in neighborhood pharmacies. CanadianDose e-shop explains that its products are really cheaper due to the fact that it does not spend much on marketing and [the dreaded] taxes, and therefore is able to pass on the “savings” to the consumers. I have observed the palpable price difference in this site’s prices and the products’ regular market price, and it is huge. For the Erectile Dysfunction meds, for instance: CanadianDose is able to vend Viagra (Pfizer) for only $36.44 for a pack of 4, 100 mg pills, while other sites/pharmacies sell them for around $240 for 3 pieces alone. As for Cialis (Lilly), CanadianDose sells it for $40.28 for a pack of 4, 20 mg pills. Those prices could still get lower, as Canadian Dose gives additional discounts for bulk orders. If clients are still unable to afford even these branded meds, they can buy the generic versions, which are cheaper than these (already inexpensive) products.

Shipping costs in this site are dependent upon the clients’ courier choice. CanadianDose gives clients the option to choose to ship their orders whether by Airmail/USPS or EMS Trackable courier delivery. Airmail will cost you $14.95, while EMS charge isn’t specified, but probably in the range of $25-35. Canadian Dose also charges a $6.95 delivery insurance for guaranteed reshipments in case of delivery unexpected situations such as missing parcels or damaged orders. As long as the packages are insured, CanadianDose is sure to reship or refund lost or damaged parcels.

As for payments, the site accepts major credit card payments like Visa and Amex, and E-checks. I have seen the Bitcoin icon on the main page, so I am assuming that the site accepts Bitcoin payments too; but to confirm, clients may just ask client support by emailing CanadianDose using the messaging function provided, since there is no live chat support. The clients can also call CanadianDose using these numbers. Payment Metods Payment Metods Reviews Testimonial Testimonial

Based on what his review said, the client, Tom (California) was able to receive his order. The buyer also thanks for its helpful support during his order process. The client duly appreciated the service rendered him by the e-shop.

There were no other reviews to confirm this client’s review for Although I appreciate that the site had a review from a thankful client, the sole review isn’t sufficient to conclude that this site is indeed a credible site. I still have to see more reviews to be able to properly judge Canadian Dose credibility. Reviews 2016 Trust Rating Trust Rating

As for external reviews, had none to offer, even for the current year. But what I did have aout the site is this analysis from Scam Adviser; but this result is not looking good for the site. Scam Adviser only gave Zero out of 100. According to site analysis, is only around 143 days old (to-date) and has a short life expectancy (365 days). It was also listed as a Rogue pharmacy, which is a status bestowed upon sites which are continuously acquiring complaints and reports of fraud, counterfeit items, and malware activity. At a Zero rating, there is also a danger that client details may be compromised during the order process, so clients must be wary or this site and not give it any form of sensitive detail that might be used to hack them. Coupon Codes Free Pills and Free Delivery Offers Free Pills and Free Delivery Offers

There were several promotions this site is running, but it’s just mainly free shipping. CanadianDose waives the fees for Airmail shipping for orders $201 and above, and also cancels the fees for Traceable courier delivery for order amounts $301 and up.

Also, is sending free Viagra/Levitra/Cialis pills along with every order made within

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