Review: Canada’s Number One Online Pharmacy is an online pharmacy that is located in Canada. As the name implies, its main office is in Canada and that it started its online operation in 2008. 10 years since then, Canadian Online Drugs is still operational, serving its customers with its low-cost medicines while maintaining its high-quality products.

The products sold by Canadianonlinedrugs are generic and branded medicines. If you want to check their available products, you can visit their homepage. A list of medical categories appears on the side and next to each category are the available medicines they have to treat it. All medicines dispensed by this internet drugstore are safe as they are US-FDA and Indian-FDA approved.

Unlike other online pharmacies that that dispenses medicine even without an Rx, requires a prescription if you are about to order a prescription medicine. If you don’t have a valid prescription, you can opt to have a web consultation with one of their licensed support team members. The web consultation is free and the person you will talk to will determine if you really need a prescription medicine or not.

On their main page, we noticed that they have separate categories for erectile dysfunction and men’s health. One possible reason for this is the numbers of available ED medicines they have. It looks like they have at least 20 brands of ED brands alone hence, they decided to put it in an independent category. For their ED medicines, you can purchase a branded Viagra 100 mg for $103.13 for a pack of 8. They also offer a pack of 8 of branded Cialis 20 mg for a price tag of $155.93. These are for the branded ED drugs hence you can expect it to be a bit higher.

When it comes to delivery, you have to check first if your country is one of their service countries. They do ship anywhere in the world but there are certain areas that they cannot reach yet. For shipping, they offer two delivery methods. The first one is the cheaper Airmail delivery for only $9.85. This shipping method means you have to wait for at least three weeks for your order to arrive. If you are in a hurry, you can opt to have EMS shipping for $29.95 and wait for it to arrive in less than 8 days. The delivery time is the best estimate that they can give because if there will be issues in customs, your delivery might be deferred.

For a successful online shopping, make sure to have your credit card ready, as it is the only form of payment accepted. The security of your information is secured by the website’s 128 bit SSL encryption. Rest assured that the information you will be providing to Canadianonlinedrugs remains confidential.

Undelivered orders can mean refund to any customer. It also means reshipping free of charge if you will request for it too. If you have questions and issues with the delivery process or the ordering process of, you can call their numbers at +1 (866) 503 4818 and +44 (870) 490 0618. These numbers are for the UK and US customers respectively. Reviews

For a decade of operating as one of the most reliable online pharmacies on the web today, here are some of the reviews that can justify as to why is one of the best. Customers Report Customers Report

Kathy is a regular and loyal customer of and she believes that this website deserves to have a Facebook fan page. As for Tiffany, she finds this internet drugstore as one of the few e-stores that offer a large pool of medicines with a competitive pricing.

According to Fabio, 45, he was able to continuously take his medication and treat himself without spending too much. 39 years-old Rachel also said that this internet shop offers the best price for any medicines on the internet.

These reviews from Kathy, Tiffany, Fabio, and Rachel reminds us of one thing, that is here to serve its customers and to ensure that you are all satisfied with their product and service. Reviews 2018

2018 has never been better for Canadian Online Drugs as they continue to win more customers. For their newest customer reviews, we found these two! Customers Report 2018 Customers Report 2018

We found a review shared by Tom and Charlotte. Tom is 44 when he started ordering from this internet pharmacy and to date, he is still purchasing from them. As he puts it, he won’t need to look at another store anymore because of

Charlotte, 62, wrote her thank you letter to Canadianonlinedrugs because the affordable medicines she is purchasing from them works well with her daughter. She is just too happy to have it. Coupon Codes

A quick search led us to the coupon codes and discounts that Canadianonlinedrugs offers. Here are some of them! Special Offers Special Offers

The first offer they are using to entice customers to order form them is the use of bonus pills. Bonus pills are given to all customers/orders. They also provide a special offer with some requirements. The offer is 10% off to any medicine that you might find cheaper from another site. The last promotion they have is free delivery on all orders above $300.

These are few of the practical perks offered by With these codes, anyone can now use weight loss pills with fewer inquiries.

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