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This is another site having “Canadian” word in its domain. But  content  gives it away easily. Any Canada-based site should have perfect grammar since it is an English-speaking country. I don’t know what country this site is really from, though; I’m just sure that it’s not from Canada, as opposed to what’s indicated in its site. There is also no date of the company’s start in the site. This shop is not a real pharmacy, but rather an “intermediary” which allows clients to look for meds from a network of pharmacies connected to the site. In other words, the company acts as a “reseller” of drugs from a number of partner pharmacies.

Meds sold by the site are the usual drugs we can find in online pharmacies. The list is on the site’s extreme left, and the categories are common in pharmacies I’ve seen across the web. The site vends generic and branded prescription meds, and the site prides itself in being able to sell those drugs without a prescription. This practice is illegal.

According to, the meds that it sells are all approved by the FDA, and are sourced from US and Canada. During my visit, I noticed that all the ED products of the site are out-of-stock. I checked all the other products; they were all labeled out-of-stock. The site seems to have a bug, or is undergoing maintenance. Whatever the reasons are, I am not able to take a look at the drug prices of any of the ED meds, because the tables where the prices are contained were null. I don’t know will the clients be able to purchase from this site in its current state. If ever a client is able to buy though, the payment may be deducted to his debit or credit card. The site assures its clients that their payment info is safe, because the company uses the “most advanced online payment security systems”. ships around “99%” of orders for free and via Registered Airmail (14-21 days). There is no mention of the other 1% orders however. As it is implemented by the Federal Law, returns are not allowed in this site. Clients are able to file for refunds and reshipments though, in cases of non-delivery and receipt of damaged goods.

I have searched the whole site and wasn’t able to find a single contact detail of the company. The site had no live chat support, no message box, no email address, no phone numbers, and no physical address anywhere within the site. It is suspicious that there is nothing in it. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

There were a number of positive comments found within the site. The testimonials even had pictures of clients in them. But I have an odd feeling about these reviews.

These reviews speak about the site’s good service and reasonable pricing, and most of the clients were impressed by their purchases. Ricky L. from Canada and Henry P. from Texas were at first unsure of the site’s credibility, but when they received their order, they had a change of heart.

The client Tomas D. from California also had a positive experience in this site. He is a chronic pain patient and his meds cost a lot. He was thankful to have ordered in this pharmacy and be able to save much for his prescription drugs.

As much as I want to believe all these reviews, I still have to have more proof regarding the authenticity of these claims. These are only in-site reviews, and it’s easy for a site administrator to post photos of random people and add heartwarming stories in them to sound true. What I wanted was external proof that these comments are actually true and can’t be manipulated by the seller.

I also am a believer of third-party reviews. Without them, I would stay suspicious of any site in-house reviews.

CanadianOnlinePharmacy24 Reviews 2016:

CanadianOnlinePharmacy24 Trust Rating by Scamadviser
CanadianOnlinePharmacy24 Trust Rating by Scamadviser did not have any third-party reviews from the site or from the web. Any site without reviews from other sources than the site itself is just suspicious.

Scam Adviser’s result is also indicative that this site is a dubious site. It was rated 0% safe, and is “High Risk”. Scam Adviser declared that this site has a low trust rating, based on its analysis of the site data. I find Scam Adviser reliable, so I agree with the results.

Canadian Online Pharmacy 24 Coupon Codes:

Coupon Codes for Using on Canadian Online Pharmacy 24
Coupon Codes for Using on Canadian Online Pharmacy 24 has a voucher code n35CJTnBa that when entered upon checkout, will yield either a 5% or a 10% for all orders. Orders $150 and below are entitled to a 5% discount, and all orders $151 and above are eligible for a 10% discount. The site also has free shipping for the majority of orders; on what grounds, however, the site does not say.

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