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The next pharmacy on my list to review is Canadian Pharmac has stated on its website that customer satisfaction is their main goal and they are working hard to achieve it. Let’s put this claim to a test later. has more than three years’ experience in the online pharmaceutical products sale and distribution. It is working in collaboration with Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers. All products available at this online pharmacy are manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical companies having approval from Indian FDA and compling with The Pharmacy Act, Drug, and Cosmetics Act of India, the Drug Orders and all other laws and regulations.

It is good to see that it is providing Indian FDA approved generic products for huge list of therapeutic conditions such as anti-alcohol, anticonvulsant, antibiotics, antidepressants, antifungals, antiviral, asthma, arthritis, anxiety, contraception, ED, diabetes, diuretics, eye care, GIT, general health, hair loss, herbals, hormonal, obesity, pain relief, insomnia, weight loss and women’s health. is following two shipment methods, one is called trackable courier service and other is international unregistered mail. Trackable courier service requires 7-9 working days for delivery and it costs $ 50 per package. This shipment option is not valid for Sweden, Finland, Austria, and Belgium. International unregistered mail takes 14-21 days to deliver an order and it costs $ 10 per shipment. It is shipping medicines worldwide. I like its versatility of payment methods which includes credit card payment, E-check payment, and bank wire transfer.

I have examined the prices of ED pills these are fair neither too low nor too high. I can purchase Viagra 100 mg tablet at an average price of $4-$5 per pill while the average price of Cialis 20 mg is $ 2 to $ 3 per pill.

I am in search of a refund policy or satisfaction guarantee, as I am worried about poor quality product or any mishap with the order. The Canadian Pharmac does not offer refund policy. claims to offer 24/7 online service through phone calls on UK and US numbers and through email. The email option is only valid for customers who have already purchased the product. I have made call several times, and was only informed that no one is at the desk to accept my call. So I am not satisfied with its customer care service.

CanadianPharMac Reviews:

After deep analysis of website content now I want to focus on real customers. I want to know what real customers are exactly saying about it. The all web content is designed by owners of this online pharmacy, but reviews can tell the truth up to some extent. The choosing of an online pharmacy is directly related to my health. Although it is very hard to select one online pharmacy due to an increase of scamming vendors, I want to get an updated information from customer reviews.

I have found positive past reviews for this vendor, but unfortunately all the reviews are published on the seller’s own site and therefore can’t be trusted to be authentic.

Carmel is 28 years old and he had posted a positive feedback about He was happy with its quick service. He said, “I thank you very much for your kind and quick help”.

Mrs. Antonetti is 42 years old and she is happy with the quality of product and she said: “You made the difference between life and deaths for me, God bless you and all your clients”.

Mark was another customer who had posted a positive review and said “I just wanted to say thanks. I received your product”.

Canadian Pharmac Reviews
Canadian Pharmac Reviews

While searching out reviews for Canadian Pharmac I have seen that the above exact reviews are also posted on the websites of other online pharmacies. It means these are scam reviews being posted by an admin or paid the content writers to post positive reviews. If reviews can be a scam then who will provide a guarantee that product is not a scam? So it is not a trustworthy website at all. Reviews 2016:

Recent reviews have equal importance as well because they can dictate the recent performance of online pharmacy. As I want to purchase the product right now, so I should know what is going on right now. The popularity, reputation, and performance at present are crucial to me. I have found positive recent reviews as well.

The first review is posted by Tom who is 44 years old and he likes its reasonable prices and he wants to select it as his online pharmacy. He says “It is well worth the price, which is so good that you will never buy from another place again”.

Charlotte has also posted a positive review, because he likes the quality of the product. He praises a lot for its service. He says “I know that it takes the time to cure, but I already see a difference in my daughter. You’re God’s best angels walking this earth”.

Kathy is 23 years old and she is very happy and satisfies with the service. She says “You never stop to amaze me. Ever thought of, starting a fan club on Facebook”.

Canadianpharmac Reviews 2016
Canadianpharmac Reviews 2016

I have also tried scam advisor to get an exact report about it. Surprisingly it reports that its location is either in China or UK and states it has a low trust rating. This site is not safe to use and has unknown popularity. So it is impossible to believe the quality services and products offered by this website.

Trust Rating of by Scamadvisor
Trust Rating of by Scamadvisor Coupon Codes:

Discount offers and coupon codes facility is always very attractive for customers and especially for me because I am on the way to search cheap medications of the highest quality. Maximum business vendors provide such facilities to increase the number of customers by attraction through such promotions. I have not found any coupon code but I have found few offers on its official websites.

Discounts and Freebies by Canadianpharmac
Discounts and Freebies by Canadianpharmac
  • It is offering 10 % discount on all orders that is limited time offer.
  • It will also provide free delivery through regular shipment for all orders
  • It will give a bonus in the form of free samples of ED pills with each order.
  • It is offering 5 % instant discount for a limited duration.
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