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Home of cites being a reliable online shop offering medications for over 10 years. Its location is in Surrey, British Columbia. They are a Canadian Pharmacy, based next to the US border with a number of other subsidiary stores around the world. They assure customers that they are certified members of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA).

Dealing with generics, the site indicates that they deal with both branded and generic FDA approved drugs which are cheap. The reason given for the unreasonably affordable prices is that the generic drugs are therapeutically and chemically equivalent, though the generic manufacturers don’t incur the research costs.

The site mainly deals with a large consignment of drugs including but not limited to; Arthritis & Anti-inflammatory, Asthma Medications, Birth Control Pills, Blood Pressure Medication, Cancer Medications, Cholesterol Medications, Eye Care and others. The site owners keep safety in mind as they explicitly make it clear that they don’t dispatch prescription drugs without a valid prescription from a doctor. My area of interest is Men’s health and Viagra (Sildenafil) manufactured in the United Kingdom is vending at $99.00 for 40 (100mg) pills. On the other hand, Levitra (Vardenafil) produced in India is selling at $125.00 for 90 pills (20mg). Although this seems like way too out my reach, I am glad to note that this is the price of branded pills and I can significantly reduce the amount of money I spend in case I choose to substitute them for generics.

Assuming I have gone through the wide variety of drugs and I decide to order, the site accepts Visa, MasterCard, personal Checks and International Money Orders. However, they will not accept money orders that are US only and state.

After ordering, the shipping information indicates that they only have one shipping method which is regular Postal Service mail. There is a single flat rate of $10.00 regardless of the number of products I choose to order. This is an excellent opportunity to leverage if at all the site is legit. The shipping time frame is between 10-18 days depending on the location where I order from.

Citing the pharmaceutical laws, the site does not accept returned prescriptions. This is a holdup for me. Does that mean if I receive the wrong order from them, does that mean my dime is lost? Since they haven’t considered this scenario, I seek to clarify that with the customer care through the telephone number since another option is sending an email which may take longer to get a reply. They were not helpful as they suggested that they carry out due diligence in dispatching orders and such incidences are minimal.

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Basing on the feedback from, it is not a safe place to buy from. One exalted member noted that the site was formerly known as BestBuyRX but mutated into its current name, the site owner’s use VPN’s to conceal their real location, and has a pending approval on for over one year.

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The depositions are confirmed by who emphasizes that the site in a rogue internet pharmacy. They further divulge that the site does not meet the credentials of an Internet pharmacy verification standards.

Reputation analysis of Canadian Pharmacy King by LegitScript
Reputation analysis of Canadian Pharmacy King by LegitScript


Scamadviser Report on Canadian Pharmacy King
Scamadviser Report on Canadian Pharmacy King also feels that the site does not meet the threshold of a safe online drug shop as they not that there is a slight risk dealing with the site. They also note that the store is located in the USA, but the real location of the site is masked. At this point, I can unanimously agree with the client who stated so previously and go ahead and nullify the site and declare the site untrustworthy.

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Customer traffic to any business is inversely related to the profits. For this reason, online drug stores always devise means of attracting clients by advancing promotions and coupon codes or even waives some fees to their customers. has none of these.

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