Review – Unpopular E-Pharmacy Design Design has claimed on its website that it is providing convenient and affordable discount prescription drugs. Surprisingly, clicking on redirects to the domain, and it seems that both are working together and probably operated by the same owner. It is providing high quality service from knowledgeable employees who are trying to provide the highest standards for all services. Its secure website is providing reliable shipping worldwide. Candrugs is also dispensing medications from international fulfillment centers that are approved by their corresponding authorities.

It is Canada based online pharmacy that has been working since 2004. It has not mentioned the FDA approval of its products. has a wide range of products for the drug categories including Acne, ADHD, and advicor, AIDS, allergy, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS medication, anesthesia, angina, antacids, anthelmintic, ED, anti-angina, anti-coagulant, anti-diarrhea and anti-fibrotics.

It has relatively high prices as compared to other online pharmacies. I can purchase Viagra 100 mg tablet at the price of $13.5 per tablet while the price of Cialis 20 mg tablet is $ 21.5 per pill. This price is almost same to the price of local USA pharmacies. The claim about affordable drug is not supported!

Candrugs is accepting personal checks and international transfers for payment of all type of orders. It has single shipment method that is utilized for all international orders and it costs $14 per order. It takes 12-18 days to ship orders throughout the world.

I am worried about my money and quality of the product as I have no proof whatsoever what quality I am going to end up with. Candrugs is not providing any refund policy or satisfaction guarantee to its customers, so I have to take the risk for first time purchasing.

For further information I can contact CanDrugs customer care service through two channels one is a toll-free number and the second is an email address. Its email service is not quick because I have not received a response even after six hours. Reviews:

Customers feedback is a very reliable source of information regarding any product or service. In most of the cases, customer response is not biased, however reviews on official website can be biased. It is very necessary to confirm the authenticity of an online source of medications, because it is directly related to our health. There are various statements made on the redirect official websites about the quality of its services and quality of its products, but it is very important to get real information.

Unfortunately, I have not found any customer reviews both on the official and independent website, so I consider CanDrugs not reliable for now. It has low popularity with undefined authenticity, so it cannot be expected to have good performance.

Candrugs Reviews 2016:

I have made an extensive research to find recent customer reviews for CanDrugs in order to make analysis for its reliability. But I am not successful in finding even a single recent review that’s mean it has continuous unpopular service. Lack of customer reviews is responsible for its poor reputation and low performance.

Scam advisor has made an analysis about the authenticity of and it has reported it as threat listed website that has a controversial location. It means it is either located in US or China with low popularity. It has low trust rating so care is needed to use this website. It is really hard to select it for purchasing of my ED medications.

Candrugs Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Candrugs Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Can Drugs Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes, sales, promotions, seasonal discount offers and bonuses are money saving opportunities for customers, therefore, customers are attracted toward such offers. Candrugs is not providing coupon code discounts and its official website is also not offering any discount currently.

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