Review – Potential Pharmacy Offering Brand Drugs Main Page Main Page is a Canada-based online pharmacy with its branches located in Vancouver, British Columbia and west coast, Canada. It contains all the drugs required by a patient with any disease. Pills for allergy, Alzheimer’s, weight losing, erectile dysfunction and many more diseases are to be found in this drug store. One can easily search for required products and can add it to their cart. As all the medications are FDA approved, one must fax or email their prescription for the specific drug so as to complete the delivery process. The prices are moderate to expensive with 25mg of branded Viagra by Pfizer costing about $19.5.

Visa, Master, American express, discover and JCB cards are accepted by the company and those who don’t have these cards must get one as there are no other options. users having any kind of problem with the company can forward their complaint via the toll-free number given, +1-866-444-6376. I dialed the number and got a very quick response indicating the best service from them. No Live chat option is present, but one can ask for help through the emailing method also.

Supplying medications to USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico, this website has preferred to maintain a good business in the Europe only. It ships all of its medications via the USPS courier which can take about 2-4 weeks for delivery, with the price tag standing at $9.95. This can implicate the fact that the company has very limited delivery options. Being so much bound by the laws of FDA, the company of CanDrugstore does not provide any refund so all of your money are hell-bound if the medication does not suit you. Reviews

Impressed with the overall status of CanDrugstore, I must say that the manufacturers are very professional in their approach. Have a look at how well they have been professional in impressing their customers. Feedback Feedback

The patient reviews are all positive, as Marvin from Connecticut says, “Improved service and protection!”

Richard D from Arizona happily reviewed, “I am looking forward [to] doing business with Candrugstore!”

Rosemarie C another satisfied customer from Texas said, “Everything sounds wonderful.”

William P from California said, “Thank You for the extra free coverage!” –

Seeing all these fully satisfied users with their happy reviews makes a person think CanDrugstore cannot be any more perfect, but let me open up and tell you something real. All of the client comments are rigged and are directly copied and pasted from other websites indicating a very serious fraud. The admins must know that not all the people in the world are so naive. Reviews 2017

With all those rigged comments owned by CanDrugstore in the previous years, let me have a look at how well has the company performed in the year 2017. Feedback 2017 Feedback 2017

Commodore C from the state Illinois happily said,” I appreciate this service.”

Julie C from Springfield was also satisfied with the website and said, “We are very grateful!”

David L from an unknown location said,”Just received my first shipment (of medications) for my wife.”

I was unable to find any reviews from the third party review sites and found the testimonials on the website itself and that too all positive. This gives a very clear impression that the comments are pretty much controlled by the owner as there is no such business so much perfect to have 100% positive reviews. Has Been Threat Listed Has Been Threat Listed

Being a bit skeptical about the reviews for CanDrugstore, I went to to check my doubts, where I found it to be 46% safe. notified that the real location of the website’s headquarters is being hidden proving my point to some extent and that a malware has been detected in this website. Coupon Codes

Although Can Drugstore gave an overall not-so-perfect impression, I hope that it gives some good discount offers to balance the bad aspects. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer is giving very unattractive discount offers with no discounts relating to the prices of the drugs. All those ordering from North America will be given free shipping if they have ordered drugs for more than $99. This discount offer is next to nothing as you are getting a discount of just $9.95 after paying them $99. I must say that the website has to work on many aspects in order to stay in the market, one of them being better sales voucher.

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