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This website’s name doesn’t exactly resemble the pharmacy store is named after. The reason behind this contradiction is that is an affiliate working with Canadian Pharmacy and in this case your order will be handled by Canadian Pharmacy.

The ‘about us’ section shows that it has been in existence since 2002 as a small family pharmacy and had its first online sales platform in 2005 to support its offline sales. Canadian pharmacy is located in Montreal Canada. One of its major assortments is it gradually becoming one of the best online selling pharmacy store in Canada.

Canadian Pharmacy has everything, but they specialize in ED medication that takes about 30-40 minutes to take its effect on user, FDA approved, and sells Viagra as low as $0.99 a pill and Cialis goes at $1.59 a pill, both crazily low, probably the prices have been staged. Payment methods accepted here are the usual credit cards, though a few more than the average one of these websites.

The website didn’t exactly indicate its shipping time, it ships for about $25.00 per shipment and the delivery is likely to be made within 10-21 days of ordering; US citizen will get their orders 8- 14 days from the date of ordering through its USA Express Courier Service and Regular Airmail (other countries).

Its website doesn’t offer live chat services, but it has a toll free phone that can be dialed, +1 (507) 399-0247. I couldn’t reach its phone line I am guessing that it because isn’t not a weekday, but as expected their phone line ought to be opened 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It has a refund policy that allows you to pay an addition of $2.45 at every order you make from the website. Reviews:

I didn’t get any other reasonable reviews apart from the reviews from on the website which leaves us with the fact that we are only going to be paying attention to local testimony given by anonymous customers. Probably this testimony was written by some webmaster or a copywriter. Reviews Reviews

Hank from the United States says, “the delivery is the fastest I’ve ever received via the internet”, does this Hank actually even exist? Or is this a copywriter trying to draw the public’s attention toward fake products? It seemed to be that he was just trying to draw the public close to this product and make them feel that they offer the most perfect service ever.

Herman from Israel is said, “Thanks for your prompt and professional service I am totally satisfied…” well that’s a good comment on the deliver, and he then says he hopes the next delivery is as good and quick as the initial one he ordered. What’s the reason for his doubt on a swift deliver if the first delivery was so good, as he says?

Bradley from the United States had this in mind,” Thanks so much and I will send everyone I know to buy from your site” that he would send everyone he knows to buy from you. Have you noticed that there isn’t even a single recommendation from the home country where this pharmacy is based?

Carebody Reviews 2016:

Max from Tennessee says he received the product and he is happy to recommend it to anyone. It just seems like Max is the only one without a doubt on the product.

Carebody Reviews 2016
Carebody Reviews 2016

Jessica Watson said, “my husband likes its and he is not that kind of person to leave testimonials on websites”. She is writing a testimonial on behalf of her husband. How sure are we that the so called husband she talks about truly even exist? Or is this another method of attracting the public to buy product? Scam Analysis by Scamadviser Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

Let’s go ahead and see how this site was created in the first place. The domain history says it was created in Ukraine and for the same search it suggests that the website is China based. Who are we to believe these plain sentiments? Is it the technology used to track domain its creation source or whatever creator of the website says?

Last time I checked, the company was based in Canada, so why would a Canadian company have its website based in Ukraine, what is the motive of having all the domains existing in Canada or USA. Definitely this store has not merged with another and it sure very much still exist in Canada. I must say there’s a lot of scam in this site without any reasonable doubt. It hurts to say this but there’s a lot of truth to what has been said the image above is there to prove it. It is a high risk site, my advice for you is to stay away.

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Let us go over the deals on this site so we can see how decent and useful the website is to us. All deals on the site are good. It gives 4 free bonus pills for each order made by each customer- this sounds like a good deal to me. It has free Regular Airmail if I get to order items worth $150 or more and also free Express Courier Services to United States citizens is I make an order at $300 or more. I am looking at a free insurance guaranteed reshipment if my delivery fails to get me and this for orders that are worth $200 or more. All this deals sound pretty much so good to me except for the fact that they need to create a scam site to draw more prospective buyers like me.

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