Carehealthbeauty.Com Review – Overcharged Shipping Fees

The Main Page of Carehealthbeauty.Com
The Main Page of Carehealthbeauty.Com

Care Health Beauty, as I see it, is a so-called Canada-based online pharmacy which is actually running its network from Texas, USA. The site basically works on the Ed-related medicines only and is very useful for those who are looking for enhancing their sexual life in an affordable way. But let’s look at how well, have the manufacturer’s been up to their claims. The site argues that all the processes are regulated by the FDA strictly, yet they are giving out Viagra, Prescription free. Moreover, I have not seen this site, listed as safe at FDA site or elsewhere. The price of Viagra and Cialis are reasonable as compared to other reputed stores online. A pill of Viagra is being sold at $0.99 and a Cialis at $1.59.

I was impressed with the delivery details. The site delivers its goods via regular Airmail and by Express Courier delivery via USPS. Regular airmail takes about 10 to 21 days, and the express mail takes about eight to fourteen days. Americans can get their courier by USPS easily which is fully trackable. Airmail service takes about $150 while Express courier service takes about $200 and those who want to insure their package can get their delivery in $300, which shows that there are chances of rigging, if you don’t opt for the $300 deal. In the case of non-delivery or any issues, the users can use the usual way of email to forward their complaint.

The company accepts most of the credit cards, giving customers a happy banking experience. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or by E.check. This has impressed me, as only very few websites go for American Express option. They ship nationally and internationally giving remote customer ease of use. One good thing I saw is that they do allow refunding their Package even if you don’t like their drugs, a quality found in very fewer retailers nowadays. Those who are not happy with the medicine provided can easily opt for refund policy. The store offers 100% moneyback guarantee for all of their products. You can reach the customer service representative by filling out their contact form on contact page as well as by direct phone calls at +1 (507) 399-0240.

Moreover, the site secures all of its data with SSL encryption which is the most recent technology today. This ensures that the customer’s information will not be leaking anywhere. Reviews:

I see user’s review as the most important and critical point of judging any website. Let’s look on how well has the website kept off with its users. Feedback Feedback

Gerald Steinback, 61 says, “Thank you so much for this amazing medicine’ Levitra has brought my sexual power back’ My wife calls me “my hypersexual old man.” A very satisfied user who, although, is 61 years old, but is still not tired of his sexual life. Levitra has really revitalized him for sure.

John J., Huntington, IN, United States reviews, “I thought my sex life had ended until I tried Levitra. Now I’m able to have normal sex despite being over 60 years old.’ Another comment by an old man saying he is jubilant with using the Levitra. The website must know that they should put some good comments about their website, not their drugs, to attract more customers.

Donna K, 34 says, “Hi. I have received my amoxicillin. Thank you for your great service. I will reorder in two weeks so I have plenty of time to allow for shipping, thank you for your service, Have a great day.”

This review shows that the site not only sells ED-related drugs, but also many other antibiotics. Although the website itself does not focus on these drugs.

CareHealthBeauty Reviews 2016:

It was really nice to hear that the site performed well in the previous years. Let’s look at how well has it carried out in the year 2016. Feedback in 2016 Feedback in 2016

A very satisfied user, John Longman, 37 Ontario, “A found out about Viagra about three years ago and since that time taking these pills is as usual for me as brushing my teeth every day. It helps me lead the normal way of life and that’s why I consider the drug to be worth of the money I pay for it.”

He looks pretty happy and satisfied which enhances the fact that almost all the user’s reviews are well and good.

Another consumer, George from Winterbourne, 65 librarian, New Zealand says, “What I liked most is the high service standard of the this The only thing I had to do was to visit their website and order the medicine I needed. And that’s all. I got my order two days later in perfect condition.”

Another simple but perfect review by Adam Sandler, TX, “It just works Thank you”.

These comments show that the users are very happy using this site and that they are referring again to the website for second use, which is a good thing to hear in a world full of scams right now.

Care Health Beauty Coupon Codes:

The website seems to be a little devoid of sales and discount offers, but who would care if their business is already running smoothly. Let’s look at the sales area. Bonus Coupone Bonus Coupone


The company is giving off free four Viagra pills for everyone who have ordered anything. A pretty generous discount offer, but a company who has already much higher prices for the delivery and other usual drugs can easily give off free pills. They must focus on reducing the cost and increasing the sales along with. This would help them to pull much more customers helping them in getting the pool of competition, as the site is in the darkness up till now and has very few recognition online. Although is a new website with a very less experience, they must see that they have to pass al the barriers of marketing and sales strategy of other hi-fi sites and they will have to give may other promotions to survive in the market.

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