Review – 1-Year-Old Pharmacy with No Client Reviews Home Page Home Page or “Canadian Pharmacy” was first a family-run pharmacy by David and Cecil Watson in Canada (2002), which later had its online extension (this site) on 2005. It’s now a well-accredited site, with certifications from CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association), Department of Health and Human Service, BBB, Visa, VeriSign, and PharmacyChecker. supplies the links to verify all these accreditation claims.

According to, it only supplies medications which are genuine, high-quality, and affordable. Both branded and generic meds are found on the site, and assures its clients of their quality as they are all approved and regulated by the FDA. Regarding prescriptions, does not ask any from its clients. Clients are free to order any Rx medication from the site without the need for the doctors’ notes. Online drugstores which usually don’t require prescriptions from clients have free online consultations, but, doesn’t have that too. Since that’s the case, buyers should just take extra care when it comes to the use of these meds so that there will be no cases of allergic reactions on their end.

Almost all of the regular pharmacy meds are sold by; the only meds they don’t have are narcotics and habit-forming medications which can cause addictions. ED meds, which I am mainly concerned about, are available on the site too—there are actually nearly 100 of them to choose from. I have seen both brand name and generic meds being sold by the site, but the prices for its brand-name meds are a bit pricier than what I was used to. Viagra by Pfizer is sold at $147 for 12 pills (20 mg), Cialis by Lilly is priced at $149.40 for 12 pills (20 mg), and Levitra by Bayer is sold at $153 for 12 pills of the 20 mg variant. The prices go lower per piece when clients buy greater quantities, though; for instance, if instead, they decide to buy 24 pieces of Levitra, the price would go down from $12.75 each to $8.95 per pill, which is almost $4’s worth of savings for each pill purchased.

Free shipping is offered for orders above $150; but for orders which do not meet this criterion, the clients may choose between 2 shipping options by (Regular Airmail or EMS). Regular shipping costs $15 and Express courier costs $25 but is available for US customers only. On the average, regular shipping takes 10-21 days, and express takes about 8-14 days. There is also an optional delivery insurance fee worth $4.95 which assures clients of re-deliveries in the case of lost orders.

Clients may pay for their orders using Visa and MasterCard, and the site’s payment page is secured by SSL encryption. As for the policies, offers 100% money-back guarantee for its products but did not elaborate about the scope of the said guarantee.

Using the allotted contact form by the site, clients may reach the site, but clients may also reach the site by using the following contact information:


  • 1822 Boulvar Dr., Montreal, RC B4U 5U2, Canada
  • Phones: +1 (507) 399-0240, +44 0131 618 7870 Reviews

I am baffled by the fact that did not have client reviews from the previous years despite its claim of having been in the online pharmacy business for long. As a site without client feedback, there is still some doubt about its credibility, as it can’t be said that clients were able to order from it with much success.

Carehealthlife Reviews 2016

Carehealthlife Reviews byScamadvisor
Carehealthlife Reviews byScamadvisor

Like the reviews for the previous years, reviews from clients for for 2016 weren’t available. I was glad that I had this website analysis from which helped me evaluate the site deeper.

The result was actually good (and unexpected), as fared well in the analysis. The site was given 80/100 for its trust rating, which meant that it’s trustworthy enough. The only concern posted by was that the site was new—only 1-year-old (or nearly 2 years), and not anywhere close to its claim of 11 years of online service. That fact made me question its integrity more.

Care Health Life Coupon Codes

Offers on Care Health Life
Offers on Care Health Life

Actually, there were no coupons; but instead of having coupons, had freebies available for its clients on any number of purchase. Shipping is also free for a certain amount; FREE Airmail shipping for $150 and up purchases and FREE EMS shipping is available for orders $300 and up. The delivery insurance is also free for orders $200 and since I was disappointed knowing that it’s just almost 2 years old and not 11 years as it claimed. Also, there were actually no reviews to support claims of good service and customer satisfaction. I cannot recommend a site without proper client reviews although the trust rating is high. It just bugged me that actual age is way off its real runtime, and that, for me, is a huge deal as it reflects a poor credibility of the

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