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Home Page of has claimed that it is an online pill shop that is a world leader in natural herbal medications. All supplements have been vigorously tested and formulated in perfection. It has provided its facilities to more than 700,000 customers in North America, Europe, and other countries worldwide. It has 80 % refill level on online international pharmacy. is offering top quality products at lower prices than retail prices. It is UK based online pharmacy that is facilitating herbal products to worldwide customers. This store has been established in 2003 and it is selling the medications of FDA approved pharmaceutical manufacturers. It is following FDA quality control standards strictly under the international guideline. is providing only nonprescription herbal medications for erectile dysfunction. Its top selling products are ProCalis and MaxViagra and it has claimed that the effects of these herbal ED medications are similar to Viagra and Cialis. The price of Procalis tablets ranges from $ 0.91 to $ 1.83 per pill and it is an herbal alternative of Cialis. Similarly, the price of MaxViagra herbal tablets ranges from $ 0.88 to $ 1.62 per pill that is an herbal replacement for Viagra.

The accepted payment options are Visa, Master card, and American Express. Like most of the online pharmacies, it is also offering two types of shipping. Registered shipping costs $ 14.95 per order while Express shipping costs $ 24.95 per order with tracking service. Express shipping is quicker delivery service as compared to registered service because it just takes 2-7 to deliver an order.

Cheap Pharmacy is offering a satisfaction guarantee and refund policy stating it will refund my payment if I am not satisfied with the product.

I can also contact through telephone number and email service. Email option can only be activated if I will have order id and for other queries call option is the only available option. Reviews:

Customer reviews are real people testimonials that are helpful in getting information from real customers. Real people have experienced particular service or product, therefore, they can describe the reliability of the service. The cheap pharmacy has claimed that it is providing 100 % natural products that have similar effects as drugs have. I want to prove this statement in term of reality whether it is really providing such services or just claiming them. The purchase of medicines is not an ordinary purchase because medicines are health related products, so more caution is needed in the selection of the source of purchasing. If it is not properly selected, it may lead to purchasing of poor quality products.

Therefore, I have decided to review customer’s feedback for in order to make a well-informed decision. I have tried hard to find customer reviews on both official and independent websites but I haven’t found them. It seems is not common online pharmacy among online pharmacies. It has unknown popularity and undefined reputation that makes it less reliable for the use as medicine purchasing service.

Cheap-Online Reviews 2016:

Like previous customer reviews, does not have recent reviews as well. Recent reviews are very important. Current customer reviews can help out in finding current reputation and current performance of an online pharmacy. But the absence of customer reviews shows is not popular among customers. So I will further check out scam advisor for its reliability.

Cheap-Online Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Cheap-Online Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Scam advisor has reported it as a safe website that has high trust rating.

Cheap Online Coupon Codes:

Discount always looks enticing, especially for customers like me who are in search of affordability. Discount can be in many forms such as bonuses, shipment offers, sales and seasonal promotional offers. In each case, it is beneficial for customers as they can save money and it is also in favor of online pharmacy as it can increase sale and number of customers. I have not found any coupon code for a discount from the cheap pharmacy but its official website is offering few discount offers.

  • It will offer me free registered shipment if the cost of my order will exceed $ 200.
  • I can get free Express mail shipment if the cost of my order will exceed $ 300.
  • It is also providing 50 % more pills on each order.
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