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This store,, is a closed online store. The domain where the store was formerly found only contained advertisements related to impotence treatment and cheap pills, but there was no sign of the domain formerly being an online pharmacy. The shop’s domain appears to be for sale, as the hosting company offers up the domain for takers.

Cheap-Online-Pills has online archive records available even if it’s now closed, and it is fortunate that the store did because I was able to gather a bit of info for using the retrieved data for this online store. The first thing I checked on the Cheap Online Pills archived data was its “About Us” section, thinking that I can find out where the shop’s located and when the shop was incepted. However, the section did not have the information I was looking for. But, I was able to see that the data for on the archives were from 2013 to 2014. The location of Cheap-Online-Pills was undisclosed, and the shop did not also state where it sourced its products from. The store sold both brand and generic pills, so I thought that the store sourced its products from India, since most online shops source their products from India.

The meds available on, according to the store, were from FDA approved companies, but the store did not indicate if its available products were approved by the FDA. offered products classified in the categories of birth control, cardiovascular, gastric health, hair loss, blood pressure, depression, and others. Besides the store’s categories, the shop also offered its bestsellers on the main page, such as Viagra, Kamagra, Levitra, Lasix, and several others. As for the prices posted on the store, Cheap Online Pills sold its generic Levitra for as low as $2.35 per pill, its generic Viagra for as low as $0.92 per pill, and its generic Cialis for as low as $1.31. These were already the bulk prices for the impotence medications, so the minimum purchase amount for the products was higher. Buyers can purchase these products on Cheap Online Pills without sending the prescriptions needed for the products (even if the products were Rx-only medications). Clients were allowed to pay for the items using VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX credit cards, and ACH E-checks. offered two shipping options for the clients, the regular airmail method, which took 21 days and the trackable courier service, which took up to 9 days to arrive. I was unable to check the shipping rates for due to the limitations of the data available on the archives. In case the products did not arrive during the specified time frame (plus several days allowance), the store promised refunds and reshipments for free.

The store was reached by its clients using its toll-free US and UK phone numbers posted, and also by using the message function accessible on the “Contact Us” section of the store. Reviews

The shop had no external buyer reviews available on the web, but it had several on-site comments accessible from the data archives. Reviews Reviews

According to Elliot, the products he ordered from helped him overcome his 8-year erectile dysfunction problem. Elliot did not comment much on the store’s performance but rather expounded on the efficacy of the product he sourced from the store.

Neil also commended the shop’s effective impotence product (this time, for Levitra), but like Elliot, Neil did not also comment on how efficient the service of Cheap-Online-Pills was.

Dave also praised the impotence product he ordered from His testimonial was similar to the comments from Elliot and Neil.

Even if the comments on were good, these testimonials were only found in the store and were therefore unreliable. Third-party reviews are more reliable, but since no clients gave their comments for CheapOnlinePills from external sources, I seriously doubt the efficiency of in fulfilling orders. Reviews 2016

Cheap-Online-Pills also had more reviews posted, but since they did not have dates, I could not identify if these buyer comments were from the current year or were from earlier years. Reviews in 2016 Reviews in 2016

Of course, the comments found on-site were all positive and all praised the store’s products (mostly). But since these testimonials were not from reliable third-party websites, these testimonials may not be entirely truthful. I can’t say if these comments were all fake, but there is a high possibility that they are compromised. Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

I also used another website to check on because the available on-site comments for Cheap Online Pills were not reliable. Using Legit Script, I was able to discover that the domain was listed as a rogue internet pharmacy. According to the details, Cheap Online Pills was not able to meet the standards set for valid, legitimate domains. Coupon Codes

Not all online pharmacies are able to offer discounts for their clients. No voucher codes were available on, either. I checked if the store offered other deals, and I saw that the store had other promotional offers for its consumers. Discount Offers Discount Offers offered free pills for every order, although larger orders were given more freebies. Free shipping was also awarded to clients with a specific amount of orders; Cheap-Online-Pills allowed free shipping for clients with orders of more than $400 in total. Second-timers or repeat clients were also granted a 10% discount by the store.

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