– Convenient Online Drugstore with Super Cheap Prices Main Page Main Page is one of the online pharmacies offering accessibility for prescription and over-the-counter medications online. The catchy thing about is that it offers to cater to buyers without even asking them to sign up or create an account on the site which is actually rare nowadays. This implies that the site is concerned with helping patients get access to their medications in the swiftest way possible. The website has been operating since 1997 and it has now about 20 years of serving its consumers. It is one of the affiliate marketing websites of the company Canadian Pharmacy Ltd., which is a CIPARx, MIPA, and a PharmacyChecker member operating from Canada.

You can find a lot of medications on, as it has a long list of items available for buyers looking for various medications. Judging from the number of items available on the store, the store is a one-stop-shop for OTC and Rx medications. offers a wide assortment of products in the areas of erectile dysfunction, allergies, fungal infections, viral infections, anxiety, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, GI, heart disease, pain, weight loss, and more. sells brand-name and generic drugs which it sources store only sells FDA-approved brands from the trusted suppliers.

For erectile dysfunction products, has both brand-name and generic PDE5I (phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor) treatments (Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil) available. You can purchase Pfizer’s Viagra, Eli Lilly’s Cialis, and Bayer’s Levitra here, along with the famous generic brand treatments from internationally-certified pharmaceutical companies like Kamagra, Caverta, Silagra, Tadalis, and other brands. Of course, we are all curious about’s ED drug prices—who doesn’t love a good a deal, right? Brand Viagra costs $9.14 each (4 pills minimum), Cialis here costs $10.07, and Levitra costs $10.31 each for the minimum of 4 pills. However, when you purchase more from the site, you can have the products for significantly less. You can have Viagra for as low as $2.56, Cialis for $3.72, and Levitra for $3.71 each. But if you think that these prices are still high, you can opt for the generic versions of these drugs which are also available on the store, which you can buy for at least $0.27 each.

Shipping cost for the products at is actually cheap; the standard shipping only costs $9.95, but for orders more than $200, you can have your items shipped free of charge. This shipping option takes about 2-3 weeks. If you want a faster shipping option, you can inquire for the EMS (or express mail service) option, which takes about 3-8 days to arrive depending on the destination country and the conditions for delivery. As for payments, accepts major credit card payments like VISA and Mastercard. You don’t have to worry about your credit card security when dealing with the site since it uses SSL encryption which secures your information while your payment is processed.

It is notable, though that does not ask its buyers for prescriptions. It does so under the assumption that buyers already have their prescriptions with them upon ordering. This is convenient for most users, although buyers should not use this freedom for drug abuse.

International policies for pharmaceutical product returns apply to so technically, it is not able to accept product returns from buyers. If in case the products are damaged when you receive them, if there’s something missing, if your orders did not arrive during the appointed time, or if you received the wrong orders, you can always contact’s support and ask for a reshipment, product replacement, or refund.’s support can be reached at +1-718-487-9792 and +4420-3239-7092 or by leaving the company an email using the contact form found on the site. Reviews:

It was good to see that had reviews of its own from happy customers. As it can be seen in the image below, international buyers are all pleased with their purchases from the site. There are buyers mostly from European countries like Sweden, France, Germany, and Ireland and all of them seemed to be positive about their order status on Testimonials Testimonials

The review from “Barbara” mentioned that the products she received exceeded her expectations. She was also glad that her order shipped faster than expected.

Buyer “Mark” from France was a regular client and told in his comment that he was able to order twice from without any glitches especially with the customs department. He also mentioned that the products he received were all quality medications.

“Erica” was one happy client too; she even mentioned that lived up to its name as all of its products were affordable and were all of good quality.

It was nice seeing all these good comments about the website (there were actually more positive comments posted on the site). This means that is indeed able to offer good service to its buyers and is true to its claim of affordable pricing for quality OTC and branded medications. 2016 Reviews:

Recent reviews for were also available and the most recent ones from the website also show buyer satisfaction from’s service. Testimonials in 2016 Testimonials in 2016

Both “Matthew” and “Simona” are clients from the United States and they mentioned that they were also satisfied with the store’s service. “Matthew” commented that the delivery went well and “Simona” said that she was “happy” with her purchase. She also mentioned that her order arrived on time.

Since former buyers are happy about’s products and services, I think that this online store is actually a good find. Buyers rave about the store’s cheap prices but at the same time comment about the store’s good product quality. Now, that’s a rare find. Coupon Codes:

As mentioned earlier, you are entitled to free shipping if your order exceeds $200. You can save about $10 if your order exceeds the $200 mark. It’s not a lot, but $10 is good enough. Aside from the free shipping offer for orders exceeding $200, also gives away freebie pills along with every purchase, which makes you save even more. Offers Offers

There is also a special voucher code for buyers (HC-5152) and it is an additional 10% off your purchase. That’s a great deal, by the way. Not all online stores are able to offer unconditional discounts such as this.

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