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So, I can tell right away that looks well-made and genuine. Looking a little further: the write-ups are in good English with only some minor grammatical mistakes, and there’s even a Halloween offer, which is good, as today is Halloween and it shows that the website is being updated regularly. There’s a notice at the top of the page explaining that prescriptions are required for purchases, and several countries are unable to place orders – this makes me trust the vendor a little more if true.

I was unable to find any information on the site regarding how long they’ve been operating, so I’ve taken a look on and found that the domain was created in 2012 – this was reassuring until I found a little lower down that the location is registered in Moscow, whilst the domain in registered in China. This instantly makes me doubt the authenticity of the site, especially since the name is Cheap American Drugstore, with no hint of anything American.

Еhe main assortment of products looks good. offers a small selection compared to some drugstores, but this makes it quicker and easier for a customer to navigate. Their lowest priced Sildenafil Citrate pills appear to range in price between $30.00 and $40.00, which seems to be about the normal price for this product.

The About Us section of the site informs me that the products are quality assured and safe to consume as per FDA standards. One thing I have noticed whilst searching for this is that the FAQ section of the site is based entirely around the drug ‘Tadalafil’ – this seems odd as I would expect the FAQ section to answer general site queries, relative to delivery methods, payment etc.

The website accepts all major credit and debit cards as payment methods, whilst advising against ordering over the phone to avoid being scammed. I can’t find a phone number to call on the website so it seems almost irrelevant to state that one shouldn’t order over the phone (perhaps this is a way to try and instill trust into the customer).

There are two shipping options offered. Regular shipping takes 15 – 21 days at a cost of $10.99 and express shipping takes 5 – 9 days and costs $40.00, for worldwide rates these costs seem relatively realistic.

I’m unable to comment on the live chat feature of the site as it is currently offline. I’m going to guess that this is often the case as the About Us section suggests that they have 24-7 customer support, and without a phone number, this only really leaves the option of the customer support tab unless they are able to immediately respond to emails via their contact form.

In the terms of sale section, I have found that the Website offers no refunds for their products, as with the rest of this website it is difficult to say whether this is because the website is a scam or not. I would expect a website that is a scam to offer a refund, as they would have nothing to lose. Maybe it is too costly for this company to offer refunds, or perhaps they’re selling inadequate products?

Cheapamericandrugstore Reviews:

Cheapamericandrugstore Reviews
Cheapamericandrugstore Reviews

There is plenty of high rated reviews on, however, this raises a few questions. With so many reviews on the vendor’s website, you would expect there to be several on independent reviewer sites – which is not the case. To add to this, each review seen above is written in a very similar context. Each of the reviews has used an exclamation mark twice, has given only a single name for themselves, and perhaps most untrustworthy is that all three were written on the same day. The websites most recent review was finished with a “thank you Zoe” which also seems a little odd – as this is a company we are dealing with, not a direct trade with someone called Zoe. Given the issues I have with these reviews, I have checked the website on Scam Advisor, which unsurprisingly gives the site a Low Trust rating, and a 0% safety factor – this is a huge red flag that allows me to suggest that is indeed a scam, and I would recommend against buying from there.

Cheap American Drug Store Reviews 2016:

Reputation analysis of Cheap American Drug Store by LegitScript
Reputation analysis of Cheap American Drug Store by LegitScript
American Drug Store Trust Rating by Scamadviser
American Drug Store Trust Rating by Scamadviser

There is only one review on this website that is relatively recent, and there are almost 3 months between that review and the one before it, which is definitely suspicious as before that review, there was one almost every day for several months. There are companies online that will write daily reviews to boost the authenticity of your site, and I’m guessing that that is what has done, with the deal expiring 3 months ago. Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on
Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $150 on

With regards to the offers located on, there is a current Halloween offer offering a 40% discount. Although the offer banner is relatively well designed, and the coupon code actually works, 40% seems a very steep discount for a company to offer over a seasonal period, that’s slashing almost half of the price – this makes me doubt the authenticity of the website even more.

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