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First of all, I am confused; the name of the site is, but the heading reads otherwise. It just states “Online Pharmacy.” The About us page has a different name too, “Online Worldwide Drugstore.” In this particular site, I see the recurring pattern of the sites I have previously visited. It seems that is an affiliate of “Online Pharmacy.” This site may have a vibrant façade, but it still emanates such a characteristic similarity to the sites I have previously discovered conning clients.

Again, there is no indication whatsoever where the site is located. But the site wants clients to assume that the site is based in the US, as the basic courier is US Postal Service. The site had been up since 2004 and is selling numerous products in what I call the “copy-paste” categories. These categories are similar from site to site; almost all of them have this list of products that does not seem to change.

The company sells generic and branded drugs. According to the site, there is an indication in their products whether they are generic or branded in nature. The site also claims that the drugs they are selling are all approved by the FDA; but, the site also states that one can purchase meds from them even without prescription. Well, there is no good coming from sites that do not require prescriptions for prescription medicine. That is just so wrong on all levels.

The ED meds here are the site’s bestsellers. Prices are super cheap too. They are selling “Viagra,” but the price is $1.45 each for 25mg in 30pcs (plus freebies); $0.36 each when bought in 360 pieces (plus freebies). That is clearly not the price range for Viagra by Pfizer. Prices that low can only be for generics. The site’s Cialis costs as low as $1.46 each for 30pcs of 2.5mg (plus freebies); and $0.76 each for 360 pieces of the same variant. Every purchase includes a freebie from the site.

Like all of the other sites, this one accepts credit and debit card payments. Shipping fees are not stated . However, the site offers free shipping for orders $200 up. The site uses US Postal Service and EMS as shipping options. USPS takes 2-3 weeks while EMS 3-8 business days. Refunds or reshipments are available for damaged and missing/incomplete orders.

The site has no live chat option but can be contacted through email. The hotlines are also available for contacting: +1 760 284 3222 (US) and +4420 3286 3820 (UK). There is also no physical address posted on the site.

Cheapest-rx24 Reviews: Reviews
Cheapest-rx24 Reviews

There are positive reviews for the site, commending the good service, low price, and fast delivery of the parcels. Liam, a client from Ireland, related how his order arrived quickly despite the weather and stated that he would order again. Dylan from Germany recalled a minor delivery setback but lauded the site for good service in the end. And there is also this review from London (France) commenting how the products on this site are much cheaper than the local pharmacy.

However, I have discovered that these are also reviews found from other sites, and are also stated word-for-word. This is an obvious indication that this site is indeed dubious, as the reviews posted on-site are not genuine.

I am so accustomed to this parlor trick by scam sites that it is not surprising to me that they fabricate or copy reviews from other sites. Copying reviews, by the way, is quite dumb and lazy work. But I glad they did copy/plagiarize reviews from other sites because I couldn’t have found this out if they didn’t.

Cheapest Rx 24 Reviews 2016:

Cheapest-rx 24 Reviews 2016
Cheapest-rx24 Reviews 2016 Scam Analysis Scam Analysis Scam Analysis Scam Analysis

The recent reviews of this site also gave positive feedback. There are several customer comments, mostly from European countries giving appreciation to the fast delivery and the quality of products this site delivered. But I do not find them reliable, as I have found out that this site had been fabricating reviews for its benefit. I would believe if I see positive reviews from reputable third-party pharmacy review sites, and not those manipulative comments.

Scam Analyze rated the site “safe” for browsing, but not “HTTP secure.” Scam Adviser confirmed the hints of dubiousness by giving the site 0% trust rating. Coupon Codes:

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Discount Offer by Cheapest Rx 24

The site offers free shipping on orders $200 and up, and gives out free Viagra pills for every order. As catchy as they may seem, I would not buy from this site even with these offers.

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