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As I’ve been looking for reliable online pharmacies, I recently came across I would like to share my impressions and first hand experience with this site.

The pharmacy started in 2009, and is owned by KAMM Trading Limited, which is based in the United Kingdom. It is also registered under the General Pharmaceutical Council, and run by registered pharmacists. also included a link to verify their pharmacy’s and pharmacists’ registration, which is actually a very good sign. offers a wide range of products, including the following:

  • general over-the-counter medication for children, cough, colds, fever, allergy medication, first aid, foot care, etc.
  • prescription medication
  • meds for diabetes
  • dental and oral care
  • weight loss medication
  • diagnostic kits: allergy testing, blood pressure, diabetes
  • “embarrassing ” medication for lice infestation, athlete’s foot, other fungal infections, hair loss, Hemorrhoids, vaginal health, worms, and many more
  • medication for impotence/ED
  • sexual health

They offer virtually almost everything I might find in a physical drugstore, unlike most of the sites I have been to, that offer only a handful of medication. For prescription medication, they require the actual prescription in order to be able to purchase the meds. That is actually a good thing, it means that purchase for those medications are closely monitored and approved. The site also sells branded products only, so all of their products are FDA approved. For me, that is quite a factor, because safety comes first, especially regarding medication. I would not want to take medication that is not proven safe to use, as it might jeopardize my greater health due to side effects that may arise in the long run.

It is also significant that the site offers online consultations regarding their products. They have a team of online consultants, who are registered pharmacists, to assist every consumer wanting to inquire about a drug to purchase.

As with my main concern, the ED medication, prices vary depending on the strength of the medication. They offer Viagra (Pfizer, Sildenafil) in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg variants; and in 4,8,12,16,24 pieces. The 25mg costs $60 per 4 pieces, and $291 for 24 pieces. It is costly, but they also offer a cheaper option, they have the generic Avitra, which costs significantly less, running $13 per 4 pieces of the 100mg variant. For Cialis, however, they do not have a generic alternative. Cialis costs $77 per 4 pieces of the 20mg variant. For 24 pieces they sell them at $367 for both the 20mg and the 10mg variants. I actually think that their prices for the branded ED meds are expensive, but at least they are providing a cheaper alternative. They are accepting payments only through credit card payments.

Regarding the shipping, the rate for orders up to 1kg is $4.64, while orders which take up to 10kg or more requires a fee of $8.64. But what I like most about this site is that they offer free shipping for orders $53.18 and up (40 UK pounds). This means that purchases involving the branded ED products are generally free to ship.

I have tried inquiring regarding the products, but their customer service representatives can be spoken to from Mondays thru Fridays, from 2-6pm. They have email support also, like the other sites, but they take up to 24 hours to respond. However, they offer ConsultaDoc, which is an online consultation method for ED. It is a questionnaire designed to generate client assessments based on the consumer replies to the questions. I think that it is good that this was included in the website, for it helps a lot, especially for clients who have initially a handful of questions regarding the product.

As a consumer who is generally picky in purchase, I am also concerned with the return policies of any online store I encounter. It is essential for me to be able to exchange a damaged product, or even get a refund if I find the product fishy. also has a return or refund policy in favor of clients like me. As long as the products I wish to return is untampered with and unused, the products can be returned within 30 days of the purchase. It qualifies for refund and replacement long as the products follow the parameters for return, which are actually fair. Refunds shall be done within 30 days of their receipt of the returned products. Reviews:

Regarding the reviews however, there are none found in the site itself, or from independent sites. It is hard to conclude though, if this site is trusted or not just by judging on the reviews, but since the site seems to be well-constructed and maintained, I personally think that no scammer would take the time to make a site this good. So I tried checking the site with too.

Click2Pharmacy Reviews 2016: Trust Rating Trust Rating

Checking with actually yielded positive results. It was rated 100% safe, confirming my hunch that it is actually a good site. But I still have yet to purchase from the site myself to really tell if the site is indeed recommendable. I have not found any user reviews for this website anywhere, and I think they control it online.

Click 2 Pharmacy Coupon Codes:

At the moment, the online pharmacy does not offer any coupon codes for consumers. But I think that it is sufficient that they currently offer free shipping for orders of $53.18 and up (40 UK pounds), for medications that I purchase usually fall more than that range. And also, if purchases are done in bulk, for example, 24 pills or more, I can still save a significant amount of money versus purchasing in retail. For me, them not having coupon codes for consumers is still okay, for their lack in additional discounts is compensated by their free shipping promo.

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