Review – A Bird of the Same Scamming Flock! Front Page Front Page is a site I visited recently in search of affordable erectile dysfunction medicine like Viagra and Cialis. But like all other sites, it’s selling generic versions of these medicines, so I decided to investigate the claims of its legitimacy. Here is how it went:

The About Us page lists everything it does and how well it does it. However, what it doesn’t list is that from where this online pharmacy is operating. It does say that it has been in operation online since the past 7 years. It has language and currency customization options. It has a huge category list where there are medicines for allergies, asthma, cardiovascular issues, blood pressure, gastrointestinal diseases, hair loss, depression, etc. Top of this category list are ED meds and best sellers. Generic Viagra (100 mg) costs $3.66 per pill and $36.57 per 10 pills. Cialis costs (40 mg) $3.75 per pill and $37.46. Viagra Professional (100 mg) costs $5.45 and $54.45 per 10 pills. Levitra costs $4.03 per pill and $40.26 per 10 pills.

The FAQ section elaborated that since the products are Indian manufactured; hence, they carry and Indian FDA.

The payment methods are Visa and Master cards, AmEx and E-Checks, and Bit Coin. The shipping methods are:

EMS shipping (estimated delivery time is 5-7 business days @$24.95) and Registered Airmail (estimated delivery time is 2-4 [email protected]$14.95). The shipping prices were not listed in the FAQs or shipping policy page, which is a big drawback for me during making up my mind to place an order or not. I eventually found out the shipping rates during the order placement procedure.

Following are the ways you can contact the pharmacy:

Phone numbers: US: +1 800 7155341

UK: + 44 203 3185981

You can also send an email via a form on site, like I did and got the message that promised a reply within 24 hours.

The postal address is:

Europharm Group IncSokolovska 131/86186 00 Praha 8 – Karlin Czech Republic

I saw this address and the enclosed picture and thought to myself…”now where have I seen this before…” Answer to be revealed in a short while! Stay tuned!

The other thing I checked was the refund policy. Refund is offered only if the shipment goes missing or gets damaged during delivery. Reviews:

The next thing to check out was how the product fared with customers. With the exception of 2-3 reviews, all had 5 stars and were extremely (and suspiciously positive). For instance, Daniel Haroldsen, a customer, thought that everything was perfect with the received order and the service was great, and he wanted to recommend this pharmacy to friends. Another customer, William Garner was happy with the results and commended the pharmacy for doing a good job. Similarly, Oliver Scott received his package and it was in ok condition. Reviews Reviews

As I read on, some names like Mohammad Farooq and Curtis Pflug struck a chord and I recalled seeing the same reviews elsewhere, a bit of digging around brought to fore another site Healthcare 24/7, which I reviewed earlier and which carried the same reviews under the same names. Reviews Reviews

This means that Healthcare 24/7 and are the same sites run by the same group with different names and appearances. The only thing to confirm this was to check Scam Advisor about this site, so I headed over there.

Cotton Box Reviews 2016:

Here is what Scam Advisor brought to fore:

Cotton Box Scam Analysis by Scamadviser
Cotton Box Scam Analysis by Scamadviser

Scame Advisor thinks that the site is a high risk one as it is associated with a risk country i.e., it seems to be Estonia based but can be from China. It also has very few visitors and is likely to be a scam.

Cottonbox Coupon Codes:

I checked what kind of promotional deals and coupon codes were available with the pharmacy and found the same banners run here that were being featured at Healthcare 24 x 7. The site developers must have had a field day in copy pasting things and moving them here to contrive another site, and god knows how many, from one site.

Best Deals for Cottonbox on the Internet
Best Deals for Cottonbox on the Internet
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