Review – Love Affordable Meds? This Shop is for You Main Page Main Page represents a specific type of online shop, the ones called “intermediaries” or online shops which connect buyers to its wide network of ground drugstores, drug dispensaries, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Crazy Rx Sales’ service ensures that the consumers are getting the best prices for the medicines of their choice and also ensures that the meds they’re getting are significantly cheaper than the local drugstore prices for the same meds.

Crazy Rx Sales has the Health Excellent Award 2016, is Business Verified, McAfee Secure, is a BBB Accredited Business, and a Hacker-Free Site. These certifications ascertain that this store is a safe shop with genuine, reliable medications which are guaranteed safe and effective to use.

According to this store, all of its medications are approved by the FDA and are effective for the medical conditions they are supposed to treat. As for the product lineup of this store, the shop is offering male enhancement products, anti-anxiety medications, and weight loss meds, amongst countless others. However, of all the medications featured in this shop, the most popular products include the impotence medicines Levitra (generic), Viagra (generic), Viagra Oral Jelly (generic), Cialis (generic), and several other variants of these medications. You don’t need to provide your Rx copies when you order from this store, but the shop is recommending getting checked upon by your doctor before using the following products, to ensure that you are perfect to use the drug.

Here are the prices for some of the popular medications on the shop:

  • Generic Viagra Soft: $1.20 a unit
  • Generic Viagra Oral Jelly: $1.20 a unit (sachet)
  • Generic Prozac: $0.75 a unit
  • Generic Cipro: $0.56 a unit

You don’t have to worry about the status of these medications, as all of the products dispensed by this web pharmacy is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and are all therefore safe and effective. Also, these medications are sourced directly from the drug manufacturers, which ensures that these are genuine products and does not have questionable quality.

This online pharmacy offers to accept buyer payments using the common payment methods like VISA and MasterCard payments (either debit or credit cards). As for shipping, all the products on Crazy Rx Sales are shipped for free, regardless of order amount or quantity.

If in case your order does not reach you or if you received damaged products, you can always ask for product replacements from or refunds for your orders. For processing of your orders and refunds, you can contact the store using its phone numbers and or its contact page’s messaging function. Reviews

As for reviews, the shop Crazy Rx Sales have a bunch of reviews from its loyal customers all over the web. This shop has only good comments, so I think that the buyers were all pleased with this store’s performance during the past years. Some of the reviews for this store include the following: Review Review

According to a Quebec-based buyer, Jerry, he got ahold of his order in just a week. He was also happy to announce that he did not have problems with his orders. Overall, Jerry stated that he highly recommends the store for drug product purchases. Testimonial Testimonial

Another customer, Phil from Ontario, stated that it was his first time ordering from the shop and he was impressed with the shop’s service. According to him, it won’t be his last time ordering from this web pharmacy because of its prices and a wide selection of products.

These reviews from the past years of Crazyrxsales’ operations were all positive, but I had to check more recent reviews for the website to determine if the store still has the same good service from the previous years. Reviews 2017

To make sure that I’m dealing with a store having a reliable service, I went on to check present reviews for this store from its newest customers. I did not know what to expect, considering most online pharmacies start out great but end up scamming clients. However, reviews for surprised me: Testimonial 2017 Testimonial 2017

Arthur, from Vancouver, said that he “used to buy meds online” but ended up going for the local drugstores because some web pharmacies are charging high fees for the shipping. However, he learned about Crazyrxsales’ free shipping and ended up trying out the store‘s service and being extremely satisfied with the shop’s performance. Review 2017 Review 2017

Another good review for was posted by Barbara, from Auckland. According to this buyer, the prices she encountered on could not be compared—she mentioned that the meds she bought from the store were priced reasonably and seemed happy about her overall purchase from the store. Coupon Codes

No coupon codes are available for clients of, but the shop had a lot of surprising offers for its clients such as the following: 10% Discount 10% Discount

According to this banner from the website, the shop offers 10% off on every order done on the store for logged in clients or clients registered on the shop. Bonus Pills Offer Bonus Pills Offer

Apart from the 10% off on all orders, is also offering free pills to all its buyers regardless of their orders. Free Shipping Offer Free Shipping Offer

On top of all these, is offering free shipping on all orders done on the store. Amazing!

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