is Seized: It’s Apparently a Store Selling Fake Goods was a store with products mostly for erectile dysfunction. The Kamagra name on the shop implies that most of the products were Kamagra (Sildenafil Citrate) products from India’s Ajanta Pharma. Just recently, the shop domain was seized by “Project TransAtlantic VII”, which is a coalition of various international government agencies. These authorities sought to fight the illegal distribution of counterfeit products online in order to protect consumer health. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

The United States’ Department of Justice, Interpol, Europol, Belgium Customs, Colombia Policia Nacional, Hong Kong Customs and others joined forces to stop illegal operators from selling counterfeit medications. is only one of the domains the project TransAtlantic VII was able to sequester; we can expect the seizing of similar websites in the near future.

Concerning the end of, there was no actual report on what really happened to the owners of However, it seems that the store may be operating under a new name (, as some of the information for redirects to History

There was no information for on the web, even from the web archives. Oddly enough, redirected every search for to, which indicates that the stores are just the same. The name of was consistent with its products; the shop indeed stocked mostly “Kamagra” products. This Kamagra brand is a generic erectile dysfunction medication containing Sildenafil Citrate (identical to the content of Viagra) and it’s from the maker Ajanta Pharma in India. This Kamagra brand, along with several other brands, is the main products of Main Page Main Page also had items for other concerns than erectile dysfunction; the store also had Dapoxetine for premature ejaculation. The shop freely delivered its items in the UK (the store offered fast shipping) since 2005 but the store closed in 2016 as per government mandate. offered discounts for its products during the time it was online, so the buyers were able to save in cost using this store. However, the store was short-lived, as the shop was shut down by the government due to its suspected illegal operations. Alternatives

The present status of prevents buyers from purchasing anything from the shop. Patients with needs for cheap erectile dysfunction medications may have been disappointed by the loss of, so buyers need to look for other options when it comes to their erectile dysfunction needs.

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