Discount Pharmacy Online – Most of its Websites Going Offline

Discount Pharmacy Online is a name of a pharmacy network which involves several websites with technically the same content. Since the dawn of the internet age, business owners, especially those with online pharmacies have devised new strategies to gain more visitors and consumers for their websites. One of the strategies they have is the creation of pharmacy networks, which are groups of online pharmacies, often looking identically and only varying in their domain names.

Although you may see a long list of web addresses for only one pharmacy network, these websites are merely dummies and are aimed at catching traffic for one central processing unit. For instance, the network Discount Pharmacy Online may have a few websites listed under it ( and but these websites do not have the capability to process orders and will only redirect orders to a main website.

The creation of pharmacy networks to increase traffic and sales may be a more economical option for the business owners, but it is possibly threatening the safety of the consumers transacting with the sites. Why? Because the affiliated websites may be easily copied by scammers, therefore putting the consumers at risk of dealing with fake sites.

Discount Pharmacy Online Reviews

Because the name of the network Discount Pharmacy Online is composed of common keywords, it proved to be quite challenging to look for reviews for this pharmacy network using web search engines. Since it has been a standard for me to check websites using the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s (NABP) list of “not approved” pharmacies, I also verified the Discount Pharmacy Online websites using this database.

Discount Pharmacy Online in NABP’s List of “Not Recommended” Websites
Discount Pharmacy Online in NABP’s List of “Not Recommended” Websites

The NABP’s list of “not approved” websites included online pharmacies which are notorious for their noncompliance with the regulations for pharmacy operations. These are illegal sites which typically do not ask prescriptions for drug orders and also have a history of scamming or spamming their clients. Unfortunately, the two Discount Pharmacy Online websites, and are included in the list.

“Discount Pharmacy Online” Online

I tried to visit the only two Discount Pharmacy Online websites I was able to get ahold of and I was only disappointed seeing that both of the websites were inaccessible.

Discount Pharmacy Online Domain is Inaccessible
Discount Pharmacy Online Domain is Inaccessible

I was hoping to access even one website with the Discount Pharmacy Online name, but both online drug stores were already shut down during my visit.

Discount Pharmacy Online Domain is Inaccessible
Discount Pharmacy Online Domain is Inaccessible

There were no explanations concerning the disappearances of both websites, but I think I have an idea why the two Discount Pharmacy Online stores were now closed.

It is no secret that pharmacy network sites are using several websites for their operations and these websites typically have a very short life span (365 days maximum). Companies only purchase a year of registry for the domains, hence the swift closure of the websites, and often without warning the consumers. So although disappointing, the closed status of the two Discount Pharmacy Online sites is no surprise.

Discount Pharmacy Online Coupon Codes

Online pharmacies are quite generous when it comes to discount offers for consumers and are often more generous than their ground drugstore competitors. We can say that it’s for encouraging consumers to buy from them, which brick and mortar pharmacies don’t have to do.

Often, consumers are given several discount options by online pharmacies and by far, here are the ones I’ve identified as the most common offers:

  • Free starter pills (usually Viagra or any impotence treatment) – consumers are encouraged to buy from the web pharmacies by being offered freebie pills for their purchases, regardless of their order amount.
  • Free shipping – this deal is often provisional—you have to purchase a certain amount (according to an online pharmacy’s discretion) before being awarded free shipping for your purchase. However, some stores (often with higher prices) offer postage absolutely free, as the shipping costs are already integrated into the product prices.
  • Loyalty discount – return consumers are often given discounts (at least 5% off) for their next purchases. In some cases, consumers with successful referrals are also given discounts for their following orders.
  • Store credits – some web pharmacies give store credits (rebates) for every consumer order. Others, instead of discounts, award store credits for loyal consumers and their referrals. These store credits, though, are not convertible to cash.
  • Holiday coupons – voucher/discount codes are quite rare, but stores offer them during special occasions (holidays and other national or international celebrations) and shop anniversaries. More generous stores, however, offer coupon codes for no reason at all.

Unfortunately, there I found no such deals for any Discount Pharmacy Online website because of their current unreachable status.

Discount Pharmacy Online Numbers

Since both Discount Pharmacy Online stores were offline, I was unable to source their phone numbers and other contact information. I tried looking up the details for both Discount Pharmacy Online websites on several domain checking platforms, but none of the stores had available phone numbers on the platforms.

Discount Pharmacy Online Spam

Spam reports for “discount pharmacies” are available online, but none were directed at Discount Pharmacy Online websites in particular. In order to gather more info on the Discount Pharmacy Online sites despite their present status, I tried looking them up at and

Discount Pharmacy Online Safety Information
Discount Pharmacy Online Safety Information

Only one Discount Pharmacy Online website, had data on both Scamner and Scam Adviser. However, both results for the same website were quite poor.

According to Scam Adviser, the Discount Pharmacy Online website did not have a security certificate which safeguards the consumers’ details when transacting with the store. The age identified for the shop was only a year and beyond these data, there are no more details presented for Scamner also advised consumers to stay away from the shop.

Discount Pharmacy Online Website Summary
Discount Pharmacy Online Website Summary

Scam Adviser had limited data for the same Discount Pharmacy Online website—according to the result, the platform was only 1 year old and was owned by a James Burt located in the United States.

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