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It is noticeable that is selling generic meds mostly for sexual health, as implied by the products that this site has on its homepage. is an online pharmacy based in the UK but is shipping its meds from Switzerland, Singapore, and India. This site has also been in the pharmaceutical business for 10 years.

There are not many products on this site other than the sexual health products. There was a handful other products, but the site is comprised of mainly ED medication. According to support, all the generic meds here are approved by the FDA. But, these meds are being sold to consumers without requiring the appropriate prescriptions. Although convenient, it is still illegal to vend Rx medication without the pharmacy securing the appropriate Rx from the client. It is also very dangerous for clients to self-medicate using prescription meds.

Because sells meds that are generic, the prices here are low. For instance, Sildenafil here costs only at least $0.63, and Tadalafil at least $0.64 each. These meds can be bought and paid for via major credit cards.

The site offers two shipping options for clients: Regular Airmail shipping ($19.95, 2-3 weeks transit time) and Express service ($29.95, 5-9 days). As for the refund policy, the site does not do refunds and free reshipments because the site does not take responsibility for errors in delivery. But in case refunds and reshipments are processed, the site charges the clients for the money order fee and the reshipment fee.

The site did have a live support function, and I was able to chat with an operator, who was eager to answer my queries. Aside from the live chat, the site can also be e-mailed through the “Contact Us” section of the site and may be called through the following numbers: +1-800-791-6494 (US) and +1-300-368-337.

Chatting with Customer Service Representative of Discountmedsinc
Chatting with Customer Service Representative of Discountmedsinc Reviews: Reviews Reviews

There were some positive reviews in from clients who gave the site 4-5 star ratings. Most of the ratings were appreciative of the site’s pricing and product quality.

Wingate G gave the site 4 stars for both the product price and quality, and Gary C gave the site high ratings for the product price and quality. It is safe to say that they were impressed with what they’ve bought.

But the thing is, these reviews were also found on another site, and they were the same reviews unaltered. It may be that this site had a clone site, or that this site stole the content from another site (or vice versa). But whatever reason there is for this review similarity, it did not have a good impact on this site’s credibility. Sites with plagiarized reviews are always untrustworthy, and should not be bought from in any case.

There were also no external reviews on this site, which is highly improbable for a site with a 10-year standing. If the site were indeed 10 years old, there would have been sufficient client reviews for my reference today. It seems that this site is rather new; hence the absence of feedback regarding it.

Discountmedsinc Reviews 2016:

Safety Report of Discountmedsinc by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Discountmedsinc by Scamadviser
Discountmedsinc Reviews 2016
Discountmedsinc Reviews 2016

There was a recent review of the site from its testimonial section. Jason, a client (17 April 2016) commended how the site’s delivery was quick, and that the products were “exactly as promised.” The client also said that he would recommend the site to his family and friends. But I noticed that the client mentioned: “Crawley Heath” instead of quoting the site’s name, Discountmedsinc. This only means that the reviews found on this site were indeed stolen.

Scam Adviser gave the site zero rating for the site; the site was given a high-risk and low-trust rating. This just confirms that the site is not safe to deal with; at a zero rating, the site does not offer adequate protection for its clients during the payment process, making them vulnerable to theft.

Discount Med Sinc Coupon Codes: does not offer any form of discount or voucher codes for its clients. There is also no offer for free shipping for clients on this site. I think that the site could have done better.

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