Review – Another Rogue Online Pharmacy! Home Home is one of the pharmacies I recently visited and here is what I found out:

I searched the online pharmacy in order to know more about its geographic and physical location but couldn’t discover anything, which is a general trend with online pharmacies that they don’t share this information with the customers. As far as the product range goes, the pharmacy is selling a bevy of products in two major categories i.e., Erectile Dysfunction and Weight and Hair Loss. But one can immediately tell that generic Erectile Dysfunction meds are what the online pharmacy is focusing on selling. The next thing for me to check was of course the price, as the pharmacy is claiming to be affordable:

Generic Viagra: 40 pills cost $99.00 (with 16 free pills) Generic Cialis: 40 pills cost $99.00 (with 16 free pills) Generic Levitra: 60 pills cost $198.00 (with 15 free pills). A generic trial pack costs $50 containing 10 pills.

Discount Pharmacy Pills store confirms that all the meds sold here are FDA approved and that its “generic products are equivalent to branded products in terms of safety, quality and dosage.” Erectile Dysfunction, obesity and hair loss are real and genuine problems that men start feeling once they hit 40. That’s why men are increasingly searching for products that can help them in overcoming these health issues. Trademarked Erectile Dysfunction meds are fairly expensive, that’s why generics have become popular.Now I wanted to check the payment options and shipping methods in practice at the pharmacy. Despite my best efforts, I could neither find payment options nor the shipment method details. Probably the payment and shipment methods would become apparent once I place an order and a redirected to the shopping cart area; however, provision of these important details prominently at the site makes more sense.

Chatting with Customer Service Representative of
Chatting with Customer Service Representative of

The next thing for me to check the ways I could contact this online pharmacy. I discovered that I can contact the pharmacy through the following ways: Call: 1 888 386 6345 Live Chat: Since no one was online, my message went ahead as an email. You can see the pop up:

Lastly, Discount Pharmacy Pills offers a money back guarantee in case a customer isn’t satisfied with a product or the shipment reaches in a damaged form. Reviews:

There are no customer reviews regarding the products and services of Discount Pharmacy Pills at the site as well as on any independent pharmacy review and rating sites. The lack of feedback puts a big question mark on the legitimacy of this online pharmacy. However, I knew that Scam Advisor would provide me substantial information regarding it, so I went there.

DiscountPharmacyPill Reviews 2016:

Safety Report of Discountpharmacypill by Scamadviser
Safety Report of Discountpharmacypill by Scamadviser

Scam Advisor tells me that this site is actually of Indian origin but may as well be based in China. Since it involves a risk country, carrying transactions at this site can be potentially risky.

Discount Pharmacy Pill Coupon Codes:

There are no coupon codes to be found at the site. So even if you place orders here, you won’t have many options to save. When I reviewed the products, I saw that the minimum order limit is 40 pills unlike 10 pills which is typical with most online pharmacies.

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