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The Main Page of Drugprescription4u.com
The Main Page of Drugprescription4u.com

I have shortlisted a few online pharmacies to a review and Drugprescription4u.com is one of them.

Drug Prescription4u claims that it is an honest online pharmacy that is providing reliable and low price products. I have searched for its location, which is not provided on its official website, then I used scamadvisor.com and found out that it is operated from Thailand. Furthermore, I have noticed that it has set safety criteria for the product shipment and storage. It is shipping a wide range of pharmaceutical products worldwide including UK, US, Australia, Japan, and China.

It provides generic and branded pharmaceutical products without a prescription. I like its priority to sell FDA approved products for wide range of therapeutic conditions. USFDA approved products include antibiotics, antivirals, anti-angina, epilepsy, GERD, IBD, osteoporosis, allergies, acne, asthma, menopause, anti-parkinsonism, back ache, female hormones, men’s health, pain relief, RA, mental health, weight loss and diabetes.

My second checkpoint is to find an online pharmacy that is cost effective. I have searched the prices of various products and finally checked for Viagra. I can purchase a pack of 8 Viagra tablets of 100 mg dosage strength at the price of $ 108 that includes shipment charges. It is not that great, but still a fine price, considering free shipment. Other well selling products are Diane 35, Premarin, Clobetate, Genin, Indocin, Amoxicillin, Pyrogynova, and Allopurinol.

As I need an economical medicine provider, therefore, I like their free shipment policy, 2% discount on referral, coupon code discount along with more 10% etc. However, I was curious to know what to do when I have an issue with my order delivered, and I find the answer in their refund policy. My dissatisfaction will be sorted out as Satisfaction guarantee because they will refund me my money. It is also responsible for delivering right product on time. When the order is confirmed, there is no chance of product delivery failure.

I have contacted the pharmacy through email to check the service and assurance of my order. I was informed that I will be provided a tracking id after order confirmation to track my order throughout shipment. Furthermore, the shipment charges are included in all products’ prices so there is no extra shipment charged. The payment method it accepts is through credit card e.g. VISA.

Drugprescription4u.com Reviews:

After reviewing the website, now I want to check the customer response. Drug Prescription4u is claiming itself as an honest and reliable service that ensures low prices. This can only be confirmed after reading the feedback from real customers.

It is not an ordinary product that can be easily purchased without confirmation of its reliability and authenticity, but it is the most important medicinal product that directly affect my health. I need complete assurance of quality product that has competitive price and standard shipment for the maintenance of the product.

I am disappointed to see that there are no customer reviews for Drug Prescription4u online pharmacy. Having been in pharmaceutical business for a long time, I am surprised that it does not have any reviews. Whatever the reason is, I cannot assess its reputation among customers without confirming through customer reviews.

Drugprescription4u Reviews 2016:

I have not found even a single review for previous years that has balked me, so I turn toward recent reviews. Recent reviews is a reliable source of information about the recent popularity and reputation. But again I am discontented as I have not found customer reviews for assessment and analysis of this online pharmacy by quality and authenticity.

I have found scam advisor report which has analyzed Drug Prescription4u and was unable to detect its location. From a safety point of view, it has shown a small chance of risk while purchasing medicines from this online pharmacy.

Is Drugprescription4u.com a Fake Site?
Is Drugprescription4u.com a Fake Site?

Drug Prescription 4u Coupon Codes:

Reasonable discounts that can help me save more money. I have tried few websites, and I have not found any coupon code for Drug Prescription4u. The official website has offered few discounts that include:

  1. Free shipment worldwide for all orders through EMS
  2. 3 % coupon code discount plus 10 % more discount on it.
  3. No hidden fee
  4. No subscription fee.
Drugprescription4u.com Coupone Codes
Drugprescription4u.com Coupone Codes
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