Drugs-1.com Review – Safe Online Store with Lots of Great Reviews for its Service

Home Page of Drugs-1.com
Home Page of Drugs-1.com

Drugs-1.com is a supplier of both brand-name and generic medications and is alternatively called as Canadian Pharmacy. Its name is implying that this online store is based in Canada and indeed, this shop is located in Canada, as evidenced by its Canada-based organization seals of approval. The copyright of the site indicates 2001 so I can assume the site started its business in that year.

All of the products found on Drugs-1.com are FDA-approved, even the generic ones, as stated on its information page. Drugs-1.com also carried the FDA’s seal on its page. Like the other sites, Drugs-1.com is sourcing most of its generic medications from India-based manufacturers (unless otherwise stated) as online pharmacies are usually sourcing from this generic manufacturing giant.

One of Drugs-1.com’s advertisements is that it does hold its clients accountable to submit prescriptions for the Rx meds it has. Clients may freely purchase prescription meds without needing to submit the appropriate prescriptions. But even if that’s the case, clients should take responsibility in consulting their GPs first before using any Rx medication, especially for the first time, and the website also strongly suggests that buyers consult their doctors prior to ordering from the site.

Patients can find most of their Rx meds on the site as Drugs-1.com offers a large number of medications for various clinical conditions. One of the clinical conditions that Drugs-1.com caters to is Erectile Dysfunction and the site had a great number of product choices available for it.

I found both brand-name and generic medications for ED and I checked how much it charges for the famous brands. Brand Viagra (Pfizer) is sold by Drugs-1.com for $62 for a pack of 12 (100 mg) pills and it charges only $68 for 12 pills of Lilly’s Cialis pills (20 mg each). For customers wanting to buy ED meds, these are reasonable prices as these brands are sold way higher in local pharmacies.

Shipping is offered in two ways: EMS shipping (express) and Airmail shipping. Airmail shipping costs $10 while EMS shipping costs $20. There is also an additional charge of $5 for the delivery insurance which is not mandatory but tricky to remove during checkout. By the way, this delivery insurance was not mentioned anywhere on the site’s pages, so it was a surprise seeing it during checkout. As for payments, Drugs-1.com accepts Visa Card and MasterCard only.

Sometimes the conditions for the delivery are not at all favorable resulting in problems like loss of orders, damaged products, and similar cases. But in these cases, Drugs-1.com states that it will resend the items free of charge. For other concerns, though, clients are advised to reach the site’s support for more information. Clients may use the contact form on the site or the numbers below:




Drugs-1.com Reviews

I have found a testimonials tab on Drugs-1.com and there were several client testimonials posted on the site discussing its good service. I have observed that most of the buyers commended the store’s fast delivery.

Dorothy (from Andorra) told in her review that she found Drugs-1.com efficient and its products well-suited for the price. A client from France, Samuel, said that his orders were delivered promptly every time he ordered from the site. According to him, he has been a client of Drugs-1.com for years and it was nothing less than honest in all of their deals.

Drugs-1.com Feedback
Drugs-1.com Feedback

Sarah, a buyer from Spain, also appreciated Drugs-1.com’s quick delivery. She also noted how the site’s customer support has been very helpful to her as she ordered. She also mentioned how the product she bought was effective.

I like how the buyers were all happy and satisfied with their purchases from this web pharmacy. Overall, Drugs-1.com had a reasonable number of reviews, which were in fact, more than the typical number of reviews found on other web pharmacies.

Drugs-1.com Reviews 2017

Buyer reviews for 2016 are also available for Drugs-1.com and here are some of the buyer accounts for their experiences in the store:

Drugs-1.com Feedback 2017
Drugs-1.com Feedback 2017

According to one buyer named Leeroy, he was able to order repeatedly on Drugs-1.com and always got his order from the website. He also appreciated how his orders progressed smoothly and that he “didn’t have to wait too long”. He said that he was “pretty pleased”.

Drugs-1.com Coupon Codes

Drugs-1.com Free Shipping Offer
Drugs-1.com Free Shipping Offer

Despite the store not having voucher codes and coupons for the consumers, it had other forms of discounts for the buyers to use:

For orders above $200, clients are entitled to free Airmail shipping. EMS shipping is also given free for orders above $300. Aside from these discount offers, though, there were no others for the clients to use and enjoy.

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