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Drugs-24×7.com Front
Drugs-24×7.com Front

I am in search of an online pharmacy that can offer efficient services and highest quality products. Drugs-24×7.com was one of the former online pharmacies buyers trusted in the past, as it made the needs of customers as its first priority. It distributed and sold high quality generic and branded products. Drugs-24×7.com was committed to providing safe and secure purchasing of all orders as it used payment credit card industry data security standards to provide secure payment through credit card. It had more than seven years’ experience in this field and operated from the Czech Republic. All products available in its stock were Indian FDA approved because all products were manufactured by Indian pharmaceutical industries. However, despite the store’s long years in service, it eventually closed down its doors to the consumers, but this was done in order to make way for the “new” and to serve its clients with excellence. You can find Drugs 24×7’s new address in this post.

It has focused mainly on drug categories including ED, allergies, antifungal, antiviral, antibiotics, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, contraception, blood pressure, depression, diabetes, GIT, hair loss, heart diseases, herbals, men’s health, muscle relaxants, pain relief, skin care, weight loss and women health.

I like the shop’s lower prices as opposed to local online pharmacies of USA-based pharmacies. The price of Viagra 100 mg tablet fluctuates in between $0.35 to $ 3.66 per pill while the price of Cialis 20 mg tablet ranges from $0.77 to $ 3.55 per pill. The store allowed purchase payments by Credit Card and Bitcoin. It has also offered airmail shipment that has 2-4 weeks waiting time period without tracking facility. Its charges were $14.95 per order for the regular shipping. On the other hand, the shop also had another shipping option, the EMS delivery, which was relatively quicker and was $24.95 per order. It provided tracking service and required 3-8 days to deliver an order.

Drugs-24×7.com reshipped items free of cost if the products were damaged or incorrect. The shop was contacted 24 hours a day through an email and telephone numbers.

Drugs-24×7.com Reviews

Customer feedback is real experience helpful in getting real information about a product or service. Drugs-24×7.com claimed that it provided high-quality products at really low prices with quick delivery services. Medicines directly affected health, therefore making complete investigations of medicine sources very crucial.

For the shop Drugs 24xy, though, I have found only good customer responses from its clients. The first customer Wei Zhang had rated Drugs-24×7.com 4 stars and liked to use his discount. He said “I have received my package. Thank you. Will use my discount for further orders”.

Drugs-24x7.com Reviews
Drugs-24×7.com Reviews

Oliver Scott had rated it 5 stars and liked the packing of his order. He said, “I have received my package and it is in fine condition”. Tristan Corring had received his order on time and he rated it 5 stars. He said “Hi! I am pleased to inform you that I have received my package today”.

Another customer John Collins had posted a positive review and rated it 5 stars. He liked the delivery and said “I have received my package. Everything appears to be in order. Thank you”. Mohammad Farooq had rated it 4 stars and liked it customer care support and said “This is to inform you that I have received my package yesterday. I want to thank you and other staff members of Canadian pharmacy for your continuous coordination and support for customers”.

All in all, buyer testimonials for this store were constructive and from consumers who were obviously pleased with their orders from the web pharmacy. According to most of the clients, they will not hesitate to order again from this store given the pleasant experience they had from the shop.

Drugs-24×7 Reviews 2017

Recent customer reviews can aid to find out recent performance and reputation of this online service. I was able to locate reviews for the shop Drugs 24×7 on the web and these present-day reviews were also as good as the ones from the past years.

Although the site Drugs 24×7 is now closed and has moved to another domain, reviews for the website before it moved were still constructive and reflected buyer liking to the shop.

Drugs 24×7 Coupon Codes

Discount offers from Drugs 24×7 included coupon code offers, seasonal sale offers, discount on shipment charges and bonus pills. Such discounts increase the affordability of customers by reducing the cost of its desired products. The online pharmacy can enhance sale as well as a number of customers by such offers. It gave a bonus to its all customers in the form of free ED pills.

  • It offered free shipment for orders that crossed the limit of $200 USD.
  • The store also offered free EMS delivery if the cost of orders reached more than $300.
Discount Offer by drugs-24x7.com
Discount Offer by drugs-24×7.com
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