Drugs-depot.com Review – Not a Safe Intermediary Drug Supplier

Home Page of Drugs-depot.com
Home Page of Drugs-depot.com

Drugs-depot.com is not an actual pharmacy, but an online escrow service, processing client orders and fulfilling them through its large network of trusted pharmacies worldwide. Others call online escrow services as “intermediaries” as they mediate between clients and the pharmacies it’s connected to. Drugs-depot.com’s office is located in Trenton, New Jersey, USA.

All the products offered by the site are all high-quality generics made by Indian manufacturers which are accredited by the FDA. I initially thought that the products sold by Drugs-depot.com are brand-name ones, due to the photos posted for each product. Turns out it does not have brand-name products; the site only used the brand-name meds’ photos to maybe catch client attention.

As for the types of products sold by Drugs-depot.com, there are only a handful items available. There were only 6 categories available. Drugs-depot.com only has meds for anxiety, general health, pain relief, sleeping, weight loss, and erectile dysfunction. The company does not ask for the clients’ prescriptions, but only recommends for them to take the meds under supervision by doctors instead. Clients should take care when dealing with any prescription medication, as they may have negative effects on the body, especially on those clients with already existing medical considerations. Although there is much lenience regarding the sale of the Rx products on Drugs-depot.com, clients should not self-medicate on those Rx products and should take the advice of their respective GPs for safe dosing.

Like the medical categories offered by the site, its ED meds list also includes a scanty number of products to choose from. There were only 5 meds available; Generic Cialis, Generic Levitra, Generic Viagra, Cenforce (Generic Viagra), and Soft Generic Viagra tabs. Earlier I have mentioned that I was misled by the site into believing that it sells branded meds while it actually doesn’t. Regarding the prices, they are affordable, but clients are only allowed to buy a minimum of 30 pills on every order. Generic Viagra is sold here at $50 for 30 pills and Generic Cialis is sold at $60 for 30 pills.

The mentioned prices for the ED meds are great prices even for generic meds. The only downside to the site regarding the prices is its shipping rate; Drugs-depot.com charges a flat rate of $25 PER ITEM, maybe since it’s an intermediary and does not have its own stocks and therefore needs to source from various suppliers. So if I am going to buy multiple items of different types, I would be repeatedly charged for shipping.

Payments accepted by the site are via VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover. Drugs-depot.com uses SSL encryption (which is the same security used by banks) to ensure that the clients’ data safety. Refunds weren’t discussed on the site, and neither were the reshipment conditions. Buyers may opt to ask Drugs-depot.com’s support for more information by contacting 1 (888) 281 8194 (US) and by chatting with Customer Service when the service is online. There is an offline messaging service too, which clients can use when sending emails to the site.

Drugs-depot.com Reviews:

Drugs-depot.com did not have client review from clients either on its own site or from third-party review sites for the recent years, which should have been a great help in establishing the site’s credibility. Since it did not have anything on it, I could just assume that the site’s service is still new and more likely than not, unreliable.

Drugs Depot Reviews 2016:

As for current reviews, however, there were a number of client reviews for the site’s service posted on its site. Jill G (June 2016) thanked the site for being helpful and also for sending medications which were actually effective.

Drugs Depot Reviews 2016
Drugs Depot Reviews 2016

R. Boots (posted February 2016) related how he was a regular customer of the site and how its customer service is “the best”, due to the fact that Drugs-depot.com’s support does the best it can to resolve any problems arising during the order process.

Mike, who posted June 2016, appreciated that fact that the company ships meds without prescriptions. He gave the site 5/5.

Simon, however, was able to rate Drugs-depot.com 3/5 without actually buying anything yet from Drugs-depot.com. He just asked the folks if the site was real and if it can indeed deliver. To me, that is questionable, since only clients with verified purchases are the ones which should be able to submit product/site reviews within the site. This meant that anyone can post reviews on the site, even without actually being able to purchase anything. Drugs-depot.com can easily manipulate “client” reviews to suit its marketing needs.

Drugs Depot Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Drugs Depot Trust Rating by Scamadviser


With regards to its safety aspect, Drugs-depot.com was rated 0% safe by Scam Adviser, which is contrary to the bank-level safety it claims it has. It was truly disappointing to see such a low rating for this site.

Drugs-depot Coupon Codes:

Though it is a popular trend among sites to have voucher and discount codes to attract more clients, Drugs-depot.com did not have any of them. Free pill offers and free shipping is also not available for buyers on the site.

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