Drugs-Med.com Review – Suspicious Redirect to a New Pharmacy with Unknown Website

The Main Page of Drugs-Med.com
The Main Page of Drugs-Med.com

I want a credible and economical source of pharmaceuticals through online pharmacies. Next on my list is Drugs-Med.com to review.

Drugs Med is providing 5000 plus medications to domestic and international customers. It is claimed that it was established in 2007 in the US, but I found information that this website seems to be hosted in Barbados. Drugs Med is importing pharmaceutical products from Asian and European pharmaceutical companies such as Cipla and Centurion Laboratories. Customers from all European and Asian countries can purchase medicines from this online pharmacy. It is not supplying online drugs to Canada and Africa.

When I select the “order now” option the link goes to SelectMeds.biz, it seems that both online pharmacies have an affiliation. SelectMeds.biz is hosted in Australia and doesn’t have any trust records, meaning it is a new website, not visited often. This is a first warning sign that buying meds from Drugs Med, that redirects its traffic to SelectMeds.biz is not a good idea.

Another the most important criteria for my assessment is FDA Approval, and it is claiming to sell US FDA approved products worldwide with free shipping in few regions and bonuses. I am impressed to see such a huge range and a number of products they have in their store. It is providing medicinal products for men’s health, women’s health, antibiotics, anti-allergic, cancer products, acne, weight loss, herbal, diabetes, anti-alcohol, anti-asthma, blood pressure maintenance and much more.

While checking out different products I have noticed that I can purchase Sildenafil Citrate at a very low price that ranges from $ 0.92-$ 1.78 depending on pack size.

I am still worried about its quality, although it is claimed to be FDA approved, when I order it, it may result in a useless product. At least I can get the solution in the form of money back guarantee. Drugs Meds is offering a money back guarantee and satisfaction guarantee, so in the case of dissatisfaction with the product I can return it and get my refund.

Another spectacular service I encounter here on the website is that I can get live help from web store representatives about my all queries. So I have used the service to get information about ordering, privacy policy, and refund policy. I like their reasonable shipment cost that is $16 per order and order is delivered in one to two weeks, and it will provide bonus pills with each order, which almost covers half of the shipment charges. The payment method is only through Visa Card, that is a limitation of payment methods, as all my cards are Master Cards.

Drugs-med.com Reviews:

Reviewing this website has increased my knowledge about the online pharmacies. Now I want to get the real information about Drugs Med through customer reviews. In selecting a reliable online pharmacy, however, these reviews may help.

It is incredible that I have found all positive reviews about it. Customers are happy with the service and the product. It means a lot to me, because when real people are confirming its authenticity. Customers have rated it about 4.5 on 1 to 5 scale that is the superb score for trust and reliability.

The first customer was Matt who posted a testimonial about it on January 2013. He titled it as a good job, and he received the order on time. He said “thanks. Got my pills in time”.

The second review was by another customer MichaelM, who posted the review on December 2012. He labeled it as honest service. He purchased multiple items, and he had also faced some problems, but that were solved honestly. He said “I think the title sums it up. Over the last couple of years, there have been a few mix ups. But they have always come through with a fair resolution even if it did take some time”.

The last review was by Emma, posted in October 2012. She had also used this online drug store for purchasing of medicinal products and satisfied with the excellent service and highest quality of medications. She said “I ordered on drugs-med.com and remained satisfied with the service and medicine. The package was delivered in time. I was out of the home when the package with drugs arrived, and pleasant supporter contacted me by e-mail and by phone and informed that the package arrived. Moreover, they guarantee secure payment processing on their website. They say about a special SSL encryption network, which protects personal data while transferring”.

Drugs-med.com Reviews
Drugs-med.com Reviews

Drugs-med Reviews 2016:

I am satisfied with the customer response in 2013 and 2012. All customers have shown interest in purchasing through Drug Meds and have posted a positive review. They liked the quick and efficient service and the outstanding product quality. They faced views issues but were resolved honestly. But I am worried why there is no customer review in 2016. It is very important for me to consider the recent quality of this service and reputation of this online drug store. I have not received even a single review in 2016. It may be due to compromise with the quality and service of products but in this case, it should have negative reviews. Another reason may be it is shifting to another online pharmacy store that is affiliated with it. Whatever the reason is, I am not able to get full satisfaction through customer reviews.

Drugs Med Coupon Codes:

I liked the most about the bonus and free shipment service of Drug Meds, because I want to purchase cost effective products. It offers 10% discount on reordering and a nice bonus with each order. It also offers free shipment with some orders as a package. It offers more bonuses when pill count exceeds the limit of 500.

  • The 10 % discount is offered for returning customers on purchasing of different generic medications.
  • It is offering a sale of 10 % off on the second purchase.
  • It is providing promo codes with 10 % off Site Wide at any order.
  • Another economical promo offer is the promo code for 10% off at any purchase.
Drugs-Med.com Coupone Codes
Drugs-Med.com Coupone Codes
Drugs-Med.com Coupones
Drugs-Med.com Coupones
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